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Bluemix slides from MWLUG.


  • 1. Achieving Developer Nirvana With IBMBluemixBy: Ryan Baxter@ryanjbaxterMWLUG 2014

2. The app revolutionFundamentally changing the way we interact with technology.Apps are everywhereThe quantity and usefulness ofweb and mobile apps has led toan app revolution amongconsumers and businesses alike.Experience mattersCustomers and employees nowexpect a delightful andseamless experience across allinteractions with a business.Cloud makes it possibleApps today can be stitchedtogether quickly with pre-builtassets. Cloud makes the APIeconomy possible. 3. App development is about speed and choiceFailingFastSeconds toDeploy FrictionFreeAnyLanguageContinuousIntegrationMobileReadyUsefulAPIsFocus onCodeChoice ofTools3 4. Timing is criticalTodays apps must keep up with the speed of the app revolution.CoreIT4BenefitsFully customizable.Few limitations.Necessary for some solutions.Existing Investments.Time CommitmentWeeks to setup and deploy.Maintenance/upgrades ofhardware and software.~ Weeks ~ DaysCustomer ManagedCodeDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServersStorageNetworking~ MinutesTime to initial deployment 5. Todays apps must keep up with the speed of the app revolution.5InfrastructureCustomer Managed as a ServiceService Provider ManagedBenefitsMost control in the cloud.Necessary for some solutions.Infrastructure managed by SP.~ DaysTime CommitmentMinutes to provision VM.Time to configure softwareand apps varies.Maintenance/upgrades of OS,middleware, runtime.IBM SoftLayerTiming is critical~ MinutesCodeDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServersStorageNetworkingCore IT~ WeeksTime to initial deployment 6. Todays apps must keep up with the speed of the app revolution.6PlatformCustomer Managed as a ServiceService Provider Managed~ MinutesIaaSBenefitsSetup environments anddeploy apps very quickly.Infrastructure and platformmanaged by SP.Time CommitmentMinutes to setup and deploy.Focus on your apps and theirdata.Timing is critical~ WeeksIBM Bluemix~ DaysTime to initial deploymentCodeDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServersStorageNetworkingCore IT 7. so are all of your other investmentsLeverage the power of Bluemix without abandoning what you already use.7IaaS PaaSCore ITIBM Bluemix 8. What is Bluemix?8Bluemix is a cloud-based platform for building, managing,and running applications of all types (web, mobile, big data,new smart devices, and so on).Go Live in SecondsThe developer can chooseany language runtime orbring their own. Zero toproduction in one command.DevOpsDevelopment, monitoring,deployment, and logging toolsallow the developer to run theentire application.APIs and ServicesA catalog of IBM, third party,and open source API servicesallow the developer to stitch anapplication together in minutes.On-Prem IntegrationBuild hybrid environments.Connect to on-premise assetsplus other public and privateclouds.Flexible PricingSign up in minutes. Pay asyou go and subscriptionmodels offer choice andflexibility.Layered SecurityIBM secures the platform andinfrastructure and providesyou with the tools to secureyour apps. 9. How does Bluemix work?Bluemix embraces Cloud Foundry as an open source Platform as aService and extends it with IBM, third party, and community built services. 10. Why are developers using Bluemix?Go from zero to runningcode in a matter ofminutes.Automate the developmentand delivery of manyapplications.To rapidly bringproducts and services tomarket at lower costTo continuously delivernew functionality to theirapplicationsTo extend existinginvestments in ITinfrastructureExtend existing investments byconnecting securely to on-premiseinfrastructure. 11. www.bluemix.netAll the instant services, runtimes, and infrastructureyou need to push your ideas into the present. 12. What About Domino? cant deploy an NSF to Bluemix 13. What about Domino?But your can still access your data within your NSFs!!! 14. Domino Access ServicesREST allows you to perform basic CRUD operations on your data inDomino using HTTP, best of all it is built into your dont need to write any code!!! 15. How Does It Work?FirewallBrowser Bluemix The CloudREST RESTOn Prem 16. Cloud IntegrationThe Cloud Integration + Cast Iron Live services allow you to exposeany HTTP service running behind your firewall 17. PricingSign up in minutes. Pay for what you use.17Friction free adoption 30 day trial - designed to allow testingof an entire application on the platform Free tier for every service -encourages experimentation of newservices for applications alreadyrunning on BluemixMultiple Commitment Models Pay as you go - optimized forflexibility, no term commitment Subscription - term based optimizedfor cost, discounted from pay as yougo ratesSelf Service Zero to coding in less than 5 minutes Credit card over the web in manycountries or through your IBM rep 18. Resources Bluemix Developers Cast Iron Live Redbook - Domino Access Services - Creating Your Own Rest Service - Videos On Using Cloud Integration Service - 19. Thank you.Get Started: