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  1. 1. Performance ShotsFrom Another VideoI have researched another video from the same genre, looking at the performance shots to seeif they are similar or different to the way in which we have filmed ours. I have looked at theshots they repeat, the length of shots, how many cuts they do and what angles they use. Madness It Must Be Love
  2. 2. These are a few shots from the main performance. Itcuts from two shots of them singing the song with theinstruments in the background to a couple of close upsof the band members playing different instruments.This is so that the audience can see all the bandmembers and it looks more like a performance of thesong, makes it look like they are actually playing thesong there and then. It then cuts to a group shot ofmost of the band members playing instruments andsinging, this is important because the audience need tosee the whole group together. If this shot was not therethen the audience would not know that they are all inthe same room and doing the same performance.
  3. 3. The next few shots in this performance cut from a closeup of the lead singer singing with a band member in thebackground to a shot of the drummer. This is animportant shot because it shows that there is stillsomething going on in the background. It also counts ascontinuity because we saw the drummer in a previousshot as well.It then cuts to another group shot. There seems to be apattern occurring. It starts of with a close up of a singer,then it cuts to a close up of an instrument being playedand then it will go to a group shot of a the whole groupperforming the song.Using this method of filming the performance shotsseems to work and are present in the other videos thatI have analysed which are also on this blog. It worksbecause the audience can see all the members of theband and are aware that all the instruments areincluded and being played. It makes it appear morerealistic.
  4. 4. These four shots are very similar tothe previous ones used because theycut between close up shots of theinstruments being played by the bandand others singing the song. It willthen again end up on a group shot.They have chosen to use a differentangle for this group shot, I presumethey did this so that it adds variety.Although the type of shot is repetitivethe angle doesnt have to be.
  5. 5. This part of the song starts off with a group shotbut its focused on the main singer with who is inthe centre. This shows that the band is still in thebackground and helps with continuity.It then cuts to an outside scene where thecamera is at a low angle and the band memberslook down on it. Its dark outside so you can tellthat the scene has been lit up with lights so thatyou can see the band clearly enough. This is agood thing to think about when doing our musicvideo. Although we dont have any scenes setoutside at night its interesting to see how itsdone as we had problems with lighting in AS.The close up of a band member singing and agroup shot of some of the band performing isthen repeated again as the performance scenescontinue.
  6. 6. There is then another close up of a differentinstrument, this being the piano. From this I cansee that it is important to get a variety of closeups of the things in the shot not only so theaudience can recognise them but to make itmore appealing and entertaining for the viewers.The final cut I chose to write about is a repeatedshot at a low angle where the camera looks asthough it is as the bottom of a grave. The wholeband has now joined so its also a group shot.