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<ol><li> 1. Rudimental Waiting All Night - 5 minutes 13 seconds - Drum and Bass / Liquid Funk - Verisimilitude - The music video is based on a real life experience. The man in the video is injured in a car/bike accident and loses his leg, which does happen in real life. The music video is the inspirational true life-story of San Francisco-born BMX champion and actor - Kurt Yaeger, who became an amputee after an accident in 2006. All the characters in the clip are professional BMX'ers and the real friends of Yaeger. Director Nez Khammal approached him after he found his information on his website and told Yaeger that the band was interested in his story. - Setting - At the beginning of the video, the cyclists are going through a town and it is easy to see it is filmed in a hot place as the sun is shining. This makes the song relatable to the summer time and this is effective as is makes the song more memorable. - Artist Portrayal - It makes the artists seem younger having professional cyclist stunters as being able to do tricks on a bike is quite relate-able to young people as theyre always trying to learn how to wheelie and perform other tricks. </li><li> 2. Martin Garrix - Animals - 3 minutes 11 seconds - House - Verisimilitude - The music video is made to seem like they are in a real life atmosphere, they do this by dressing the dancers in normal clothes and by getting people to be filmed at a rave. Animal masks are used to hide their identity and this also goes with the title of the song Animals. Martin Garrix is in the music video, however he only reveals himself at the end of the music video when he takes of his tiger mask. The actors in the music video are dressed normally, in black jumpers and jeans, however as they are all wearing different animal masks makes the video unusual. The way the actors are dancing is what people would do at raves/parties in real life, when people are watching this video, they can relate it to themselves. - Setting The music video is set in a warehouse / club, this reflects the music genre as this is where this type of music would be performed. It is a quite dark music video, with the only light source being disco lights. - Artist Portrayal - Martin Garrix is always in front of all the other dancers/actors this makes the audience know that he is the artist, as all attention is drawn to him. </li><li> 3. Duke Dumont Wont Look Back - 3 minutes 57 seconds - Deep house / UK garage / tech house - Verisimilitude - The music video shows a group of 3 people robbing a shop and running away on pogo sticks, they get chased by a policeman whos on a segway. This is quite un- realistic but it brings humour to the video. The thiefs are wearing all black clothing, which is normal attire for someone who doesnt want to be noticed. However theyre also wearing a plastic mask, which makes them more noticeable. Similarly to the Waiting All Night music video, the artist is not in the video, but instead they have professional pogo stick stunt men. - Setting The director has chosen this setting because it is hot and sunny so it reflects the music, as the music has quite a summer vibe to it. It is also quite a realistic setting as there are many people in the street and watching the event happen. - Artist Portrayal - The musicians are not in the video but the actors are portraying the musicians as rebellious and mischievous, which makes the audience see them in a funny and humored light. From looking at Duke Dumont's other music videos in the past, I have noticed that he doesnt often feature in his videos. This may be because he wants to sell the music more than himself as an artist. </li><li> 4. Coldplay - Paradise - 4 minutes 20 seconds - Electronic Rock, R&amp;B - Verisimilitude - This music video is based in real life, but it is partly fantasy as the person is an elephant rather than human. The elephant in the video is meant to be the lead singer (Chris Martin); he also is the person using the 1 wheel bike, which must have taken him a lot of practice. Chris Martin does not dress up as an elephant normally, so it does not portray him as his normal self, but it portrays his humorous side. People do not normally dress as an elephant, so this is not regular attire, but it could be considered a normal fancy dress outfit. - Setting I think the director used these settings as he is from London, so he wanted to show off the city, just as I want to, he used South Africa as this is where elephants are from, and this is the whole point of the music video the elephant going home, and returning to his paradise. - Artist Portrayal - These actions make the audience feel more connected to the singer as he is making a fool out of himself which makes the audience laugh. Chris Martin only features in the video for a brief moment whilst he is on the 1 wheeled bicycle, this portrays him as funny and not caring about making a fool out of himself. </li></ol>