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  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    Music A P


    Development of concepts

    Development of skills (SINGING/INSTRUMENT)/)

    Progress Report Card Guide

    This report is one of the various ways through which we communicate your childs development and learning. Itgives the information about the areas of the curriculum assessed during this period. Integrated in this feedbackare your childs achievements in the school, as well as areas for growth and improvement.

    Two sets of assessment indicators are used in the progress report card. They are:

    Achievement Level Descriptors

    Achievent level descriptors describe what students

    know and can do based on the results of the

    students formative and summative assesments.

    EExemplaryIndependent and advance level of understandingand proficiency

    CCommendableEvident and demonstrates the standard level ofunderstanding and proficiency

    A AdequateDeveloping and making positive progress in reaching thestandard level of understanding and proficiency

    MMinimalMore time and experiences needed to reach the standardlevel of understanding and proficiency.

    NA Not applicableExpectations are not applicable or does not apply now

    Effort Level Descriptors

    1 - exemplary attitude at all times

    concentrates and participates eagerly in all

    activities, keen and always willing to try their


    2 - very good attitude, working hard,

    concentrates in lessons and participates well in a

    variety oftasks

    3- positive and willing attitude most of the time,

    adequate concentration, will participate in tasks

    when asked.

    4- does what is required but tends to lack

    self-motivation and concentration. Only

    participates with encouragement.

    5 - negative attitude to any task set,

    unwilling to participate, often distracted or

    distracting others in lessons.

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    Grade 12012-2013

    Notation Development of


    Development of Skills(Sing/Inst)


    A P A P A PNiina Tokuda 1 E 2 E 1 A/C 2/2 Niina

    recognizesandresponds to

    sounds andmusic well,in terms ofelementssuch asdynamics,tempo,durationand timbre.

    Tomoya Tamaki 2 E 2 C 2 C/A 2/2 Tomoya canmake broaddistinctions

    withinmusicalelements,and usesimpleterms todescribehow theyare used forexpressivepurposes.

    Reo Nakamatsu 3 C 2 C 3 C/A 1/1 Reo has

    participatedin a rangeof musicalactivities,and hasparticularlyenjoyedusing

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06



    Ruka Sasaki 4 C 2 C 2 E/C 1/2 Rukaworked wellto compose

    and performa very shortpiece ofmusic withsuccess thisterm.

    Hiryu Okada 5 C 2 C 1 E/A 1/2 Hiryu listenscarefullyand puts fulleffort intotasks. Iwould likehim topracticekenban athome ifpossible.

    Shiryu Oshiro 6 E 1 E 1 A/A 2/2 Shiryu hasmade goodprogress,but with amoreconcertedeffort couldgo muchfarther.Sometimeshasdifficultystayingfocused.

    Alex Rozsa 7 C 1 E 1 E/A 1/2 Alex canplay aninstrumental part using

    a limitedrange ofnotes, andhis behaviorhas beenimprovingsteadily inclass.

    Michael 8 C 1 E 2 E/A 2/2 With

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    Shostak Michael,goodprogresshas beenmade. Hiskenban

    playing hasimproved,and hissinging aswell. With amoreconcertedeffort couldgo muchfarther.

    Luke Tamada 9 E 1 E 1 A/A 1/2 Luke is veryactive, andeager toparticipateduringclass.Sometimeshe getsoverlyexcited, andthat canlead todistract, butoverall he ismakingimprovement ininstrumental skills andunderstanding of thebasicelements ofmusic.

    Leo Tsuboka 10

    C 1 E 1 A/C 2/2 Leo enjoysthe practicalexplorationof soundand rhythm,and has notroubleexpressinghimself,especially

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    with rhythmanddynamics.We need towork moreon melody

    and co-operatingwith thegroup.

    Nao Momoi 11

    C 1 E 1 E/C 1/2 Nao canmake broaddistinctionswithinmusicalelements,and usesimpleterms todescribehow theyare used forexpressivepurposes.She needsto work onherkenbanskills athome.

    Noe Yamagishi 12

    E 1 E 2 A/A 2/2 Noe, whenworking insmallgroups,participatesoften andcontributesenthusiastically to thecreativeprocess.Instrumental skills areprogressingwell.



    C 1 C 1 E/A 3/2 Asato hasparticipatedin a rangeof musicalactivities,

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    and hasparticularlyenjoyedusingrhythmgreetings

    exercises.He is veryexcited inclass, andhis energy,if he canfocus it, is abig plus forhim.

    Ruka Suzuki 14

    E 2 E 1 E/A 2/2 Ryuka isgraduallybuildingconfidenceto expressideas withinthe groupdynamic. Iwould likeRuka topracticekenbanharmonicamore athome, or atschoolduring freetime.

    Mao Gakiya 15

    E 1 C 2 C/A 2/3 Mao is areservedmember ofthe groupwhodisplays aquietinterest inthe subject.Shes slowlycoming outof her shell,and hasmade someprogresswith herinstrumenta

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    l skills.Please haveher practicekenbanharmonicaa little bit

    every day.Nina Heshiki 1

    6C 2 E 1 E/A 1/2 Nina has

    worked hardthis yearand madeexcellentprogress,especially inmelody andrhythm.

    Hozuru Kajiku 17

    C 1 C 1 E/A 2/2 Whenworking insmallgroups,Hozuruparticipatesoften andcontributesenthusiastically to thecreativeprocess.

    Soru Ishizaki 18

    C 1 E 1 E/A 2/3 Soru is veryactive,eager toparticipateduringclass. Usesmusic tocommunicate evenwhenlanguage isa barrier.

    Minato Haino 1


    E 2 C 2 E/A 2/2 Minato

    recognizesandresponds tosounds andmusic well,in terms ofelementssuch asdynamics,

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    tempo, andvolume.

    Ayana Akamine A 2 C 1 E/C 1/1Emika Wonbell C 1 C 2 C/C


    Grade 22012-2013

    Notation Development of


    Development of Skills


    A P A P A PHinata Haneji 1 E 1 E 2 C/A 2/2 Hinata listens

    carefully andputs goodeffort intotasks,although he issometimes

    distracted byhisclassmates. Isable toexpressemotions wellthrough music.

    Ryoma Henzan 2 C 2 C 2 E/C 2/2 Ryoma is ableto contributeideas withinthe creativeprocess,

    especiallymusicappreciation.He is quiteopinionated,and enjoysexchangingideas withclassmates.


    3 A 2 C 2 E/A 2/2 Ryoshun hasfound thissubject to be

    challengingbut hascontinued toput effort intoevery lesson.He is focusingmore thesedays. He islearning more

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    about how tomanage hisown behaviorin class, andstay on task.

    Michael Carter 4 C 1 E 1 C/C 1/1 Michael enjoys

    the practicalexploration ofsound andrhythm,especiallywhen it comesto bodymovement andmusic. Heshow greatinterest inmusic ofdifferentcultures.

    Konami Higa 5 E 1 C 1 E/C 2/2 Konami canchoose andorganizesounds inresponse to agiven stimulus(from theteacher orclassmates),and createshort melodicpatterns,showing somecontrol ofmusicalelements.


    6 E 1 C 2 C/C 2/2 Ryonusukecan play aninstrumentalpart using alimited range

    of notes.Would like tosee him focusa bit more inclass, and ifpossiblepractice hiskenban athome.

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    Sola Heshiki 7 E 1 E 1 E/C 1/2 Respondsreadily toexpressiveinstructionswhenperforming on

    herinstrument,bothindividually,and as part ofa group.Higher thanaverage levelof musicality.Should beencouraged toself-pace as

    much aspossible.


    8 C 2 E 2 E/C 2/2 With Mitsukiwe'vepracticed"kenbanharmonica"weekly, sobreathing andsustainingnotes hasimproved.Musicalexpressionand his basicawareness ofthe musicalelementsweve studiedhas increased.

    Kuuru Ishizaki 9 C 2 C 2 C/C 2/2 Kuru is slowlydeveloping hisability tocomparepieces ofmusic bylistening andtalking abouthow he feels.He sometimesgets overlyemotional in

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    class, and hasdifficultycommunicating withclassmates,but when he

    can focus, hecontributeswell to Musicclass.

    Shane Rozsa 10

    C 2 C 2 C/C 2/2 Shane canmake broaddistinctionswithin musicalelements, anduse simpleterms todescribe howthey are usedfor expressivepurposes. Usesmusic thesedays toexpress someemotions.

    These days Ican see a lotofimprovementin his in-classbehavior.

    Yuri Tashiro 11

    C 1 E 1 C/C 1/1 Yuri hasparticipated ina range ofmusicalactivities, andhasparticularlyenjoyedworking withthe elementsof sound inmaking basiccompositionsand soloperformanceexercises. Iwould like tosee Yurirespond more

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    quickly andenthusiastically to theteacherswords.

    Yusei SAkai 1


    C 1 C 1 C/C 2/2 Yusei has a

    good naturalsense ofrhythm.Suggesthaving privatepercussionlessons. Fromnext year, I amthinking aboutsetting upsome kind ofpercussionclass/club/activity, and Idlike toencourage

    Yusei to join. Ifthat doesntdevelop, he iswelcome toalways play inmy musicroom inBuilding B.



    C 2 C 2 E/A 2/2 Brenda alwayslistenscarefully,thoughtfully,and attentivelyin music. Wehave to gether to open upand expressherself moreverbally andmusically.



    C 2 E 2 C/A 2/2 Meghan is ableto perform allbasic skillsthat wecovered withgoodexecution, butneeds to be

  • 7/27/2019 Music Grading Sheet 2013.03.06


    able tosocialize morew