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  • 1. What is MDN?
  • 2. By The Numbers 4.5 million page views a month 73kvisitors per day 49,748 documents 9,185 contributors & 272,134edits 520 demos by 297developers
  • 3. Under the Hood Django (Python) HTML mark-up for writing/ editing Really cool APIs Code on github Kumascript template language - powered by server-side JavaScript, implemented using Node.js.
  • 4. What is coming? Full site redesign of MDN: Want to help? Become a beta tester!
  • 5. How to Contribute Join the community Talk about MDN Write, edit, tag content Localize Fix bugs Become a Topic Lead Contribute to the wiki platform code Host an Event
  • 6. MDN Events Documentation Sprints Localization Sprints Platform Coding Sprints Meetups Hack Days Training
  • 7. Discuss: What tools or resources do you need to help you organize & host developer events in your community?
  • 8. MDN Demo!
  • 9. Find me @alispivak (on Twitter) alispivak on IRC