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More Mind Reading. Block 5 Odd. Im not sure, Im just trying to hold this smile. He takes FOREVER with that camera!. Hey, did he take the picture yet? I want it to look like Im actually fixing the car, does this look real?. I just love it that he is handicapped so I can pick - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • More Mind ReadingBlock 5 Odd

  • Hey, did he take the pictureyet? I want it to look likeIm actually fixing thecar, does this look real?Im not sure, Im justtrying to hold this smile.He takes FOREVER with that camera!

  • I wonder how many rollsof tape I owe Mr Armstrongby now. I better head to Staples and buy a multi-pack!I just love it that he is handicapped so I can pickon him easier!

  • This is what I look like when I go to theDentist!This is my Gene Simmonsimpersonation. This is what I do wheneverI see frost on a flagpoleduring the winter...

  • Hey watch this,when I pull herhair, her eyescross!Oh good, with her in frontof me, it hides the ice teastain on my shirt!Ive fallen and I cant get up!HEYYYYYTHAT HURTS!Alright, we have hersurrounded by peoplewith braces, now letshold her down and giveher some of her own!

  • You know wherethe gym is???Im not sure, Im kindanew around here!

  • No wait, dont take the picture yet, hang on, whyare you taking this? Whatwill you be doing withthis picture? Didnt you already take our picture????That girl wasBORN to argue!!!

  • Uh - has anyone seen myright arm? It was here earlier.I think it left with my right hand.

  • So you say you think yourefast. Well Im the fastest drawaround these parts. Just saywhen partner.This kid must watch a lotof Westerns.

  • Uh, how come our SPRIBOTSis pointed right at me, it lookslike its coming towards me.Gee, I dont knowWHAT youre talkingabout...

  • I cant help gettingso excited when our SPRIBOTScar scores, itsbetter than field hockey!!!Yeah, as you can tellby my expression, I too amvery excited.

  • Ive reprogrammed ourcar to lift wallets outof peoples pockets.So, we split the money 50-50, right?

  • HELP!!!Please protect me fromthat SPRIBOTS car that is floating inmidair, I thinkit is after me!!!Yeah, why IS thatcar just levitating therejust over my shoulder?I LOVE the oldfloating SPRIBOTScar trick!

  • Dont tell me, he is making the SAMEface he always makeswhen we get our picture taken, right?This the face I make whenyou call Mr Armstrongcripple because ithurts my feelings

  • You know Im really proudof you for not getting anymore referrals from MrArmstrongYes I have grown considerablyI now see the errors of myold ways and havechanged them