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Moodlemoot spain 2012. Juan Leyva & Martin Dougiamas on moodle mobile


<ul><li> 1. Moodle MobileMoodlemoot Spain 201219, 20, 21 September </li> <li> 2. SpeakersMartin Dougiamas:CEO &amp; founder MoodleJuan Leyva:Moodle Developer (since 2003) working @ CV&amp;A ConsultingDeveloper of plugins: Configurable Reports jmail LTI Provider UMM (Unofficial Moodle Mobile) Anonymous posting in forums, Collaborative real-time editor,ConfigTabs, Forum discuss subscription, </li> <li> 3. Brief historyMoodle 2.1 (1st July, 2011) Mobile service Mobile app for iPhone and iPad Browser detectionMoodle 2.2 (5th December, 2011) MyMobile theme Content button in the mobile appMoodle 2.4 (December 2012) Mobile and tablet HTML5 app for Android, iPhone, iPad And hopefully Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Firefox OS </li> <li> 4. New featuresMobile and tablet version Different design Same appNotifications Push notifications (Android and iPhone, iPad) Polling notifications plugin for other platformsRemote configuration Remote CSS for styling the app Remote configuration for default settings (language, app name, etc..)Customizable Custom themes and plugins </li> <li> 5. HTML5 appsAdvantages Open web standards technologies Write once, deploy everywhere Usually cheaper to develop and maintain because: There is a big number of HTML, CSS, Javascript developers The technologies are very close to Moodle onesDisadvantages Performance Look and feel Use native mobile functionalities Browser and mobile fragmentation </li> <li> 6. Mobile and tablet browsingDifferent design (layout, animations and browsing) for mobile and tabletsMobileSimilar to the current navigationTabletFacebook style navigation </li> <li> 7. Choosing the right technologyWhich HTML5 framework should we use?(jQuery Mobile)Which Javascript framework should we use?(Backbone)Key points: Performance Learning curve Documentation Integration with HTML5 technologies Community support Roadmap Maturity License </li> <li> 8. DemoOnline demo at: </li> <li> 9. Thanks for coming!You have more information here: </li> </ul>