montrose high school january 2015 l.e.a.d. january 2015 montrose high school l.e.a.d. front row: l-r

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  • Celebration & Update on

    State Testing this Spring

    Let’s Start with a celebration. For

    the first time, Montrose High

    School is now ranked in the top 100

    High Schools in Colorado by This

    year we were ranked 91 of 345

    schools, up from 136 in 2013. We are proud of our

    students and staff’s efforts to reach this milestone.

    This year brings changes to the State’s Standardized

    Testing program as Colorado moves away from the

    Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) to the

    Performance Assessment of Readiness for College and

    Careers (PARCC) for English Language Arts and

    Math. The PARCC is aligned to the Common Core State

    Standards, is a computer-based test, and is meant to

    measure if students are on track for college and career

    readiness. All 9th, 10th and 11th graders and many 12th

    graders will participate in the PARCC tests this spring,

    which consists of two distinct testing windows: the first is

    a Performance Assessment and the second is a End of

    Year Assessment. The Performance Assessment testing

    window will be 2-6 March & and the End-of-Year

    Assessment testing window will be 20-24 April for

    Montrose High School.

    During the March and April testing windows, the

    student body will be divided up alphabetically. Students

    will only attend school during their testing time.

    This year’s data will become our base line data, since it

    is the first year any Colorado students have taken the

    PARCC. We ask that you help us ensure students give

    their best effort on the tests and do not miss school during

    the testing window. Montrose High School seeks to

    LEAD from the Front and hope that with maximum

    participation and effort we will break into the top 20% of

    high schools in Colorado.

    L.E.A.D. From the Front!


    January 2015

    Montrose High School

    Employee of

    the Month Principal’s Message

    When I grow up I want to

    be Cheryl Leu. She embodies

    the absolute best in what we

    do, inspiring young people,

    not only with the beauty she

    and her groups aspire to, but

    with the steel of the discipline

    it takes to get them there. Students walk out of her

    program knowing not just music but also being a

    whole lot closer to knowing who they are, simply

    by responding to what this lady expects of them and

    knows they can deliver.

    She’s been an inspiration to me as a teacher, as a

    fellow musician, and as someone who teaches a

    creative art and has a long way to go to do it as


    It’s really hard to imagine this place without


    C – Cheerful, crazy, charismatic, canny, charming,

    cantor, caretaker, celebratory

    H – Hopeful, helpful, hilarious, happy, harmonious

    O – Outstanding, ornery, operatic, Obviously - the

    best choir teacher ever

    I – invigorating, intelligent, innovative, ingenious,

    inspirational, in-love

    R – Rambunctious, radiant energy, rascal, ringing

    the bells and of course REALLY - will be missed

    "When words fail, music speaks." I love words,

    but often when I need something; I sneak off to

    listen to Cheryl's kids. Sometimes she even let's me

    try to sing along. There's nothing better for the

    soul; and Cheryl's passion for what she does is

    contagious. We're losing a wonderful woman and

    magician, and I will miss her.

    I can’t imagine life at M.H.S. without her. It’s

    definitely going to be a big adjustment when she’s

    gone. Not only is Cheryl a great co-worker, but

    she’s an even greater friend! She is full of


    She’s always got a smile and always shows

    support for staff and students, even when things are

    going rough for her. We’ve laughed together, and

    we’ve cried together. I feel very fortunate to have

    her in my life and even more fortunate to be able to

    work with her on a daily basis. Thanks for all you

    do for MHS!

    Mission: MHS LEADs academic excellence to prepare students for post secondary opportunities without remediation.

  • January 2015

    Montrose High School L.E.A.D.

    Front Row: L-R Hannah Wenman, Brooke Cayo, Morgan Omer, Emma Cooper and Brianna Hale

    Back Row: L-R Kourtney Keltz, Colby Rocha, Fernando Torrero, Andrew Eggers and Sara Gladding

    Felipe Magallanes

    Keigen Huffer Erin Cooper

    Shelby Kenney Evan Fletcher

  • Guidance Office –The Stuff L.E.A.D. Montrose High School

    January 2015

    Athletics and activities

    FAFSA Workshop Montrose High School Library

    January 28, 2015 6:30-8:30pm

    There will also be a Spanish speaking representative.

    FAFSA Workshop: It’s time to do your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for

    financial aid, which will help you pay for college. Receive free personalized help to complete and submit your

    FAFSA. College In Colorado, a free resource to help families with career and college planning is here to help.

    Please be sure to bring the following information:

    Student’s driver’s license or Colorado ID number

    Student’s and parent’s 2014 Federal Income Tax Return, W-2s and other earning records OR 2013 Federal

    Income Tax Return and 2014 W-2s if you have not yet filed for 2014. 2014 Federal Income Tax Return is


    Untaxed income records if applicable (i.e. Social Security benefits statement, Child Support received,

    Worker’s Compensation, Non-educational Veteran’s Benefits records, Temporary Assistance for Needy

    Families (TANF) or Welfare records) Student’s and parent’s current checking and savings accounts


    Business net value records, if more than 100 employees

    Farm net value records, if you do not work on and operate your farm

    Current investment records such as stocks, bonds and rental property, etc.

    Your alien registration card if you are not a U.S. citizen

    February 10, 2015 6:00-7:30 PM –MHS Library

    Parent Panel on Financial Aid-come and hear from parents that have successfully navigated the

    Financial Aid maze.

    PoWeR 10 We have started PoWeR lessons with our 10th grade students. We will meet with the 10th graders multiple

    times throughout this semester in large group, small group and individual settings. The purpose of these

    sessions is to help 10th grade students’ focus on postsecondary and workforce readiness goals and to determine

    appropriate paths to make their goals a reality. The 10th graders are also being introduced to the Naviance


    Come meet Montrose High School Alumni, now Arizona Diamondbacks player, Nate Robertson

    at the Montrose Pavilion from 5 PM to 8 PM on January 26th. Also meet and learn about college

    and professional athletics and what it takes to become a professional athlete with the proof in

    front of you that it can be done! This is a family friendly event hosted by the City of Montrose's Youth Base-

    ball League. Baseball food will be available with time for you to have your baseball schwag autographed by

    Nate or any of the other Colorado Mesa University baseball players there. Contact Erica Weeks at the City of

    Montrose for more information (970) 497-8525.

  • Calendar of Events

    L.E.A.D. Montrose High School

    January 2015

    1/19/15 MLK—No School

    1/31/15 Winter Formal 7-11 PM

    2/5/15 Winter Sports Assembly

    2/10 & 2/12 Parent/Teacher Conferences

    2/12/15 Student Release 12:25

    2/13 & 2/16 No School

    3/2 Thru 3/6 PARCC Testing

    3/27/2015 Talent Show

    3/30-4/3/15 Spring Break

    4/18/2015 Prom

    4/20 Thru 4/24 PARCC EOY Testing

    4/28/2015 ACT

    5/1/15 No School

    5/5/15 Senior Awards

    5/7/15 Spring Sports Assembly

    5/12/15 ACT Make-up

    5/12/15 Baccalaureate

    7 PM Grace Church

    5/13/15 Senior Last Day

    SENIOR PARTY: Meeting dates are scheduled

    for the 3rd Wednesday of each month (1/21, 2/18,

    3/18) at 6:30 pm, Region 10 office, Sneffels

    Room, 300 N Cascade.

    We will send out a spreadsheet with the different

    committee's that need help. We need to raise a lot

    of money! Please follow us on: Twitter:


    Facebook: https://

    We still need names for over 100 parents: Please

    Email: your

    student’s name, parent(s) name, email address,

    address and phone number.

    Please call with any questions: Amy Rowan 275-5251

    Tiffany English Moore 209-0932

    Bobbi Brown 209-9034

    Office Contact Information

    General Information 970-249-6636 General School Questions



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