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  1. 1. A big data analytics company Shamshad Ansari President and CEO MOMENTUM
  2. 2. Fast Growing Era of Big Data 2
  3. 3. Data Management Hasnt Changed 3 Data stored in strict schema based RDBMS Raw data in SAN or NAS based enterprise storage Too much data Too many sources Too much cost to store Too much risk of loss of archived data
  4. 4. Difficult to Use Cant analyze data fast Cant analyze unstructured data Cant join different sources Cant get new analysis 4
  5. 5. MOMENTUM A big data analytics platform for machine learning, NLP, and IoT Copyright Accure Inc. All rights reserved. www.accureanalytics.com5
  6. 6. Momentum Analytics @ Scale Momentum enables enterprises to process large volume of data at a very high speed and derive actionable insights in a fraction of time and cost. With momentum you can perform advanced analytics text mining, natural language processing, statistical programming, machine learning, and predictive science. 6
  7. 7. Momentum as Big Data Storage Less than 10% cost compared to enterprise storage system Robust replication, redundancy, self-healing and built-in recovery mechanism High availability and fault tolerance 7
  8. 8. With Momentum Do big data analytics without writing code 8
  9. 9. Custom Analytics Plain simple Java R No need to learn platform specific APIs 9
  10. 10. Momentum Functionality Installation and Cluster Management High Scale and Superfast ETL Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Realtime Analytics IoT Support Visualization Custom Analytics 10
  11. 11. Momentum Architecture 11
  12. 12. Benefits Save cost Reduce analytics time Superfast processing Built-in analytics functions Join disparate data Easy to extend Role based access High security 12 Spend more time analyzing than coding
  13. 13. Turn Complex Data to Meaningful Insight 13 Load Bring data from multiple sources Transform Merge, join or aggregate your data Analyze Visualize Any standard BI tool Custom BI
  14. 14. Features 14 Fast Process gigabytes of data per second. Scalable Transparent and elastic expansion without downtime Durable Disk based data persistence with replication prevents data loss Distributed Highly reliable and fault-tolerant cluster technology Ease of Use No coding for most analytics needs Custom analytics in plain Java or R
  15. 15. Flexible Deployment Options 15 Option 1: Momentum on the cloud as a service Option 2: On-premise implementation Option 3: Momentum as an appliance Faster implementation Data Science without programming Custom analytics in plain old Java or R Realtime stream analytics for IOT
  16. 16. Momentum Across Industries 16 Healthcare Airline & Travel Automobile Real Estate Hospitality Banking & Insurance Retail Media & Advertising EntertainmentOil & Gas
  17. 17. Case Studies 17
  18. 18. Credit Card Fraud Detection One of the largest US based credit card companies improved significantly their fraud detection rate. 18
  19. 19. Call Center Analytics One of the largest call center system companies use Momentum to: Predict hourly call volume Determine factors affecting call handling time Get a 360-degree view of call handling by agents This helped improve their resource utilization, queue time, and productivity 19
  20. 20. Stock Portfolio Optimization A portfolio management company in Singapore predicts optimum asset allocation in stock portfolios 20
  21. 21. Healthcare Analytics A US based healthcare system company uses Momentum for population health analytics 21
  22. 22. NLP based Concept Tagging One of the largest US based hospitality service companies used Momentum to: Tag for various concepts from open ended survey answers Predict factors affecting CSI This helped identify factors having highest impact on CSI 22
  23. 23. IoT: Smart Street Lights One of the Europe based companies injects sensor data stream in realtime and predicts the light dimming schedule for street lights for smart city project in one of the GCC countries 23
  24. 24. You are a data driven company What business problem do you have? Let us know.. 24
  25. 25. Accure Engineers Momentum Accure helps data driven companies to connect to all data sources, aggregate, join and transform their data, build big data analytics based on machine learning, NLP, and statistical science so that our customers get actionable insights in a fraction of time and cost. 25
  26. 26. Want a Demo or POC? 26 Visit us at Email: