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  • mFSESolution for On-site Service Engineers

    mobile Field Service Engineer App

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  • Enterprise Mobility is Making a Differencein Field Service Management

    Innovations in the field of enterprise mobility and its applications are opening new doors of

    opportunities and profits for field service organizations. They can now explore newer possibilities,

    re-examine old problems and redefine customer satisfaction and workflow efficiency from a new

    angle, brought by 'service-led differentiation'. A remarkable scope of improvement can be created

    in customer servicing if the field service engineers would have access to critical data. These may

    include customer service requirements, inventory records and status, work order history, job

    assignments, schedules and equipment history, which are stored in ERP and CRM systems.

    Excellent customer support is something that sets a company apart from others. Field service

    management would witness game-changing efficiencies with relevant and ready-to-use mobile

    applications that can lead companies to grow revenues, reduce costs, and improve customer

    experience and loyalty.

    Field service engineers are mostly on the

    move and hence they put a lot of efforts in

    searching equipment and collating

    information to resolve on-time service

    requests. Hence, without real-time access

    to significant data at the point of action,

    field service engineers face all types of

    difficulties while collecting and capturing

    manual information and feeding the

    same into the database. Often it leads to

    errors and slows down the process in

    which information is available for

    decision-making and problem-solving.

    Following are the other basic challenges

    faced by them:

    Real-time Obstacles Faced

    by Field Service Engineers

    KloudData's mFSE app powered by mUnite Mobile

    Appl icat ion Framework de l ivers remarkable

    improvements in field equipment servicing, thereby

    increasing the rate of problem resolution and customer

    satisfaction. mFSE can connect to SAP ERP system

    powered by mUnite application framework that extracts

    service order data and delivers the same in an intuitive,

    easy-to-consume format to the field engineers, whenever

    and wherever they may need it.

    Value Proposition of mFSE App and its


    Easy and fast access to timely information from

    anywhere, anytime

    Field service engineers can resolve problems

    more efficiently

    Reduce travel time and lower costs as per work


    Eliminate or decrease the need for paper

    based work orders

    Easy access to latest inventory information

    based on actual usage

    Engineers can enter data directly on site

    Multi-device strategy

    Works in offline and online mode

    Low maintenance and support costs

    Rapid feature integration

    Improves data entry accuracy with no loss of


    Managing the task and

    customers with high

    expectations from the quality of


    Mismanagement in assigning

    work orders to the right field

    engineers with the right tools for

    optimized service delivery

    Monitoring the location of field

    engineers for on-time customer

    support and faster completion of

    work requests with less

    processing time

    Manage rising operational costs

    that get worse by inaccurate data

    and missing inventory

  • Track and manage inventory

    Material consumption booked on

    orders updates inventory

    Warranty information

    Inventory management

    Customer information on map and list


    Product information

    New assignment alert

    Option to Accept / Reject

    Calendar Sync

    Date, Schedule and Completion Time

    Customer details

    Sorted by Schedule, Status, Priority,


    Task List and Status Indicators display

    different colors to denote status of


    Date, Schedule Time, Completion Time

    Field Service Engineer can search for a

    spare and place order

    List of notifications and service orders

    Maximize the Productivity and Effectiveness

    of Your Field Service Engineers

    Following are the features and functionalities of mFSE App

    View equipment and functional


    Display technical objects on a map

    Display associated documents

    Google Maps integration

    Display history and characteristics

    Technical specifications

    mFSE app enables companies to comprehensively confront and solve some of the

    strategic and tactical challenges in field service engineering.

  • Quick Facts

    Target Segment



    Device Support


    Life Science, Service Industries

    mUnite Mobile Application Framework or SAP Mobile Platform 3.0


    iPad iOS 4.3 and above, Android tablet 4.0 and above

    Engineers and Technicians

    mFSE App has the capability to transform various field service organizations into more productive

    and profitable units that are better positioned to generate revenue, reduce costs and raise

    productivity. They can now meet customer demands, influence brand perception and deliver

    superior service. Field engineers can not only have access to information anytime, anywhere, but

    can also collaborate more closely with cross-functional and cross-border teams.

    In a Nutshell


    About KloudData

    KloudData is a leading global software solutions and services provider with comprehensive, cutting-edge

    capabilities in bringing together Enterprise, Analytics and Mobility technologies to offer high value business

    solutions. Our primary focus is to forge a trusted partnership with our clients. KloudDatas solutions and services

    help reduce costs, complexities and risks while improving operational efficiency and accelerating business growth

    through improved decision making at all levels.

    Headquartered in Fremont, CA (USA), KloudData has global offices in Columbia, MD (USA), Bangkok (Thailand),

    Nagpur (India), Pune (India), and Mumbai (India) to provide round-the-clock solution and support to its clients.

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