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Mission Explore Curriculum Missions for CPD day April 2015


  • Exploring


  • You should get out more

  • Designed to be read, scribbled on, illustrated, smeared, scratched and snied, it may just be the most revolu9onary geography-

    related book ever published. Geographical Magazine

  • Daniel Raven Ellison Na#onal Geographic Emerging Explorer TED speaker Founder of Greater London Na#onal Park campaign

    UrbanEarth explorer

  • Explorer HQ Started out as Mission:Explore in 2006 Funded by Ordnance Surveys GeoVa#on fund iPhone app launched Work with The Workshop: a Sheeld design company on community projects

    Completed a series of follow-up books and projects Work with Helen Steer (a London Leader) and award winning illustrator Tom Morgan Jones.

  • 2006 First book was Daily Telegraph / Hay Fes#val Outdoors Book of the Year, 2011

    Shortlisted for Educa#on Writers of the Year Award 2012 previous winner Bill Bryson runner-up

    Shortlisted again in 2014 runner-up again

  • Cultural Olympiad 2012

  • Glastonbury Latitude Secret Garden Party Sunrise Festival Outdoors Show BETT Education Show National Geographic TED talk Primary Schools - Undergraduates

  • Oh blimey the book is BRILLIANT!!!!! It needs to be in every school in the country! Emma Freud

  • Worked with

    Thames Water, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), RSPB, Mayor of London, London Sustainable Schools Forum, the Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Project and the UK Environment Agency.

  • Our new badges and curriculum


  • Mission:Explore is splendid great fun, and a lovely way to get children out into their environment and using their brains. Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood

  • What is a mission? A short challenge that involves explora#on real or imagined 1. Learning taking place, even if precise objec#ve is unclear, unagreed or unknown 2. A star#ng point 3. Meaningful and relevant 4. Irregular, quirky or unexpected 5. Accessible, inclusive and dieren#ated by outcome 6. Outdoors and/or in the real world 7. (In)formal, with family or friends 8. Usually include a crea#ve output for sharing and reec#on 9. Fun

  • Adventurer

  • Creator

  • Experimenter

  • Explorer

  • Hacker

  • Interpreter

  • Surveyor

  • Protector

  • Performer

  • Time-traveller

  • Maker

  • Storyteller

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  • Children of all ages have an appetite for thirst for exploration, adventure and challenge. And the world around them, while not without its

    dangers, is full of wonder, surprise and delight.

    Yet all too often, we grown-ups let fear and anxiety get the better of us, and get in the way

    of giving children a taste of freedom. So hats off to the Geography Collective for taking a stand against the cotton wool culture and doing their bit to expand the horizons of


    Tim Gill, author of No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society

  • ludic pedagogy

  • Exploring