mictosoft bi apps promise picure of business without manual reporting

Download Mictosoft BI Apps Promise Picure of Business without Manual Reporting

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    Microsoft BI Applications Promise

    Real Pictured of Business without

    Manual Reporting

    Microsoft BI Applications


  • Over last few years, business analytics market is evolving rapidly and you have to dig into figure

    to know actually what is going on. In this blog, we will discuss how Microsoft BI applications

    presents real picture of business without any need of manual reporting.

    You would be able to keep track of sales well like number of orders, targeted number of sales,

    customers feedback etc. It will also gives you an opportunity to make face to face discussion

    with customers, and how much time your team has spend in making discussion with customers.

    It will not only improve your sales target but reduces number of mails too that are sent back and

    forth to finalize some deal. Now you must be very much clear how Microsoft BI

    Applications help your business in presenting its real picture.

    Looking at real picture of your business simply means keep a check on success indicators and

    how to achieve the same to enjoy maximum profits from it. BI software simply accepts old data,

    process the data and convert the same into meaningful information. Lots of data doesnt make

    any sense for organization, so it becomes necessary here to convert bulk data into meaningful


    Take an example of calendar view that gives meaningful insights on meeting, business trips,

    presentations etc. This will give you a clear idea how much time you spent on trips, meetings etc

    and how it worth for your business. Next is Delve Analytics BI software that has one dashboard

    to show you how your team is working, when they come back after break and their productivity

    details etc. Further, it will also give you actual stats on sales team and marketing team.


  • The software not only explains personal work habits of your employees but gives real picture of

    business how it is working and how various business operations can be improved significantly.

    The expert team can take immediate action to improve overall condition of business or get in

    touch with customers to give them product updates frequently. Management could also take

    benefits from Microsoft BI applications to personalize work activities of their employees


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