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Theodore H. Enfield P.A. is one of the best Miami divorce attorneys help you resolve your divorce issues quickly at a price that is within your budget as well as domestic violence attorney offer a variety of services from litigation to paralegal support services to providing forms for non-represented parties.


  • 1.Considerations When Retaining a Divorce Attorney for Men

2. Divorce has same effect on men as it has on women, whether it is dealing with the emotional trauma of finishing a relationship that wan meant to last forever or having a will to have a fair judgment for the equal distribution of the financial liabilities, home or getting the custody of the child. 3. Experience matters: The experience and credibility of a divorce lawyer should be the highest priority while appointing an attorney for a divorce case. 4. While appointing an attorney the main question that arises in the man's mind is whether to opt for a male divorce attorney or a female divorce attorney to represent him in the court. In such a situation one should choose the one with whom he will be more comfortable while communicating about the personal issues. 5. In court every individual has the right to be treated as equal in eye of the court irrespective of the gender. While going for a divorce a man should hire an attorney who makes sure that this legal right of an individual is not taken away. 6. One should go for a divorce lawyer who believes in resolving the case in such a manner such that it benefits its clients, even if it involves the custody of childand is always there to guide him through the whole legal procedure. 7. The lawyer should be having an experience in all the issues that are involved in family law agreement whether it is child support or custody agreement, equal distribution of martial assets, annulment or alimony. 8. Divorce is quite an expensive procedure as some time it may involve more than one hearing of the court. Hence one should appoint an attorney that provides him the right services for the money he pays. 9. One of the best ways to find detailed information regarding an divorce attorney is by having a conversation with their earlier clients. 10. Theodore Enfield is a prominent and respected familylawyer in Miami with more than 30 years of experience. With specialization in divorce law, matrimonial and family law, complex divorce and equitable distribution litigation, child custody and visitation and more. Call for a free consultation at 305-933-9592 or 800-7335299 Or Visit on