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IB Biology Option F SL


  • 1. Meet the Microbes!!
    Hinas magical mystery Microbiology lab!
  • 2. As you watch the film clip....
    Ask yourself the following questions...
    What THREE words come to mind when you first see the flat
    Why do you think Jamess flat makes you feel the way you do?
    What health risks are posed by keeping the flat in this condition?
  • 3. Now look at these pictures...
    In groups list 5 differences between them!
  • 4. Microbes are everywhere!
  • 5. What is microbiology?
    Discuss the word with the person next to you!
    A little introduction!
    So what are we doing this session?
    a)learning ASEPTIC technique
    b)learning how to CULTURE bacteria
    c) understanding how to classify bacteria
  • 6. autoclave
    Working with micro-organisms
    To produce useful products, uncontaminated cultures of microbes are required.
    This requires certain precautions and sterile techniques to be used.
  • 7. Before we begin!
  • 8. Using micro-organisms
    Micro-organisms can be grown by man. They need certain nutrients which are often contained in an agar medium:
    • carbohydrates (energy source)
    • 9. mineral ions
    • 10. sometimes +protein, vitamins
    This is poured into a petri dish.
    Is when unwanted, possibly harmful microbes grow. You dont want this to happen.
  • 11. Microbiological techniques
    Aberdeen University
    Lab coat to protect clothing
    Microbes not carried out
    Hands washed before & after, gloves worn
    Microbes not carried out
    Smooth, non-absorbent work surface (plastic) cleaned with disinfectant before & after
    Sterile petri dishes of nutrient agar ready
    Autoclave / pressure cooker to sterilise glassware (>120oC, 20min)
    Less chance of unwanted microbes getting in (contamination)
    Microbes killed
    Microbes killed
  • 12. Techniques (continued)
    Lid held over petri dish during inoculation
    Wire loop & bottles flamed before use
    Microbes killed
    Less chance of unwanted microbes getting in
  • 13. 8
    Bin lined with plastic bag for safe disposal of used materials by autoclaving
    Inoculated dish sealed with tape
    Prevents microbes getting in or out
    Prevents microbes getting out.
    Microbes killed
  • 14. Now its your turn!
    Find a partner
    Decide what aspects of bacterial culture you are going to investigate
    e.g. The difference between soap and disinfectant
    Effectiveness of handwashing?
    Bacteria from different parts of your body
    Effect of chemicals on bacterial growth
    Anything else you can think of!
    Prepare your work surface and agar plate
    Seal your petri dish and dont forget to label it with your names and the date
    Re-sterilise your work surface
    Wash your hands!
  • 15. Classificationis the grouping together of things on the basis of features they have in common.
  • 16.
    • In 1996 scientists found the reasons for the reclassification of living organisms into three domains.
    • 17. Large collaboration of scientists deciphered the full DNA sequence of every gene of bacteria called Methanococcusjannaschii.
    • 18. This archaebacterium lives at 85oC, a temperature lethal for regular bacteria as well as multicellular plants and animals.
    • 19. Only 44% of this archaebacterium genes resemble those in eubacteriaor eukaryotes.