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Meditation:Pathway to Well Being Slide 2 Well-Being Physical Mental Spiritual Slide 3 Meditation Increases energy Relieves stress Reduces fatigue Relieves insomnia Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol Reduces anxiety Balances hormones Improves self-confidence Slide 4 Meditation Emptying or concentration of the mind Focusing Mindfulness All spiritual traditions have some connection with the practice of meditation Slide 5 Meditation and Well-Being Stress Management o Decrease in Cortisols o Increase in Endorphins Decreases Self Judgment Diminishes Judgments of Others Increase in Self-Esteem Creates Inner Peace Changes your environment Slide 6 Habits of mind Slide 7 Three-Legged Stool Body o Alert, erect o Relaxed Breath: connects the soul to Higher Consciousness Mind o Resists stillness o Natural state is peace o Ego wants us to think Slide 8 Four-Legged Stool Body Breath Mind Non-Judgment Slide 9 Non-Judgment One of the keys to happiness is to stop the habit of self-judgment and self-hatred. When we stop judging ourselves we will stop judging others. Where there is no judgment, there is peace. Slide 10 We go into meditation with a commitment That the body will remain still That the breath will be calm That the mind will be at peace, in spite of its habits THAT WE WILL NOT JUDGE OURSELVESNO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. Slide 11 Two Sides to the Story Both sides of the brain are always active. The left brain is the language side. The right brain in the side of art and feelingof euphoria and bliss. o Close the language door, Open the love window Rumi Slide 12 Peace and the Mind The clear sky is always there. Clouds come and cover the sky. But wind can blow them away. Clear sky remains. Clear mind, the mind at peace, is always present. Thoughts come and obscure the peace of clear mind. Mindfulness practice can blow the thoughts away, gently, with ease, and without judgment. Peace remains. Slide 13 The Key to Happiness To still the language side of the brain so that the right brain can be heard and felt. A mind at peace, filled with joy, is our natural state. Slide 14 Brain States Beta Normal state; multi-tasking Alpha - Focused mind; waking up Theta Dream state of sleep; creative; deep meditation Delta Dreamless sleep; unified consciousness oneness; rest and rejuvenation Slide 15 Winter Feast for the Soul A worldwide 40-day spiritual practice period for all people January 15 February 23 each year since 2008 Slide 16 Inspiration What nine months does for the embryo Forty early morning Will do for your growing awareness. Rumi Slide 17 TOOLS TO SUPPORT YOUand Your Family Guided meditations on line Christian Contemplative Prayer Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Sufi Universal Meditation Mindfulness/Vipassana Meditation New Thought/Science of Mind Interdenominational Meditation Children (four minutes of stillness for world peace) Mindfulness Practice for Teens Slide 18 Why You Should Start To Practice Peace NOW for yourself for your family for the planet The world will never be at peace until peace lives in the heart of each and every person on the planet. Pope John XXIII (1963) Slide 19 Contact us: Slide 20 Email and Phone 788-6373 Slide 21 Thank You.