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Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) June 2, 20101 John Spears HFS Policy Slide 2 3/2/20142 QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries Pays for: Medicare Part B (Supplementary Medical Insurance) premiums; and Deductibles and coinsurance charges for all Medicare covered services, including Medicare services not covered by Medicaid Part A premiums, if any and if the person is already enrolled in Part A Slide 3 3/2/20143 SLIB (SLMB) Specified Low-Income Beneficiaries Payment for: Medicare Part B premiums only QI-1 Qualified Individuals Payment for: Medicare Part B premiums only Slide 4 3/2/20144 Eligibility for MSP Eligible individuals must: Have Medicare Part A (or Medicare Advantage) Meet the income standard Meet the asset standard Be an Illinois resident Provide their Social Security Number Assign medical support rights Slide 5 2010 Monthly Income Standards* QMB 0-100% FPL SLIB (SLMB) 100-120% FPL QI-1 120-135% FPL 1 person$903$1,083$1,218 2 people$1,214$1,457$1,639 June 2, 2010 Understanding Medicare 5 *$25 income deduction is given & earned income deductions, if applicable Slide 6 3/2/20146 Asset Standards 2010 1 person$8,100 2 people +$12,910 Slide 7 3/2/20147 Applying for MSP Should be automatically considered part of a cash or medical application MSP only - DHS Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) 2378M ( SSA Extra Help after 1/1/10 Extra Help file will generate initial web-based app to DHS 267MSP requesting additional info will be sent Individual must respond and verify eligibility Slide 8 3/2/20148 When does Coverage Begin? QMB the month after the application is approved SLIB (SLMB) & QI-1 up to 3 months before the application month if the person was eligible Slide 9 3/2/20149 How Long does Coverage Continue? FCRCs should complete an annual redetermination to review eligibility MSP should be continued, if eligible - even if other eligibility ends Contact the FCRC to add MSP to the existing medical or cash case. A new application is not needed.