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Maximising value through Business Exit Planning

1Who am I?Business experience 25 years of broad business experience15 years of optimising and restructuring businessesEstablished Exit To Success Consulting to provide a holistic succession planning offering QualificationsMBA(E) from Australian Graduate School of ManagementCertified Exit Planning Advisor from Exit Planning Institute (Chicago)Certified Value Builder from The Value Builder System (Toronto)

2Drivers of Business Value


Drivers of Business Value Financial Performance4

Drivers of Business Value Growth Potential5

Drivers of Business Value Over Reliance Risk6

Drivers of Business Value Cash Flow7

Drivers of Business Value Future Recurring Revenue8

Drivers of Business Value Business Differentiation9

Drivers of Business Value Customer Satisfaction10

Drivers of Business Value Key Person Risk11Start UpGrowthMaturityDeclineTime - Years Revenue - $Four Stages of a Business LifecycleWhen is the best time to sell?12Start UpGrowthMaturityDeclineOptimum time to sell the businessFour Stages of a Business LifecycleWhen is the best time to sell?Revenue - $Time - Years 13Business exits are difficult! Reasons why include:75% of business owners do not have a business exit plan. 52% of business owners are relying heavily on the sale of their business to fund retirement. Note - 80% of businesses do not sell as they not structured to attract potential buyers.

Source: Aust. Centre For Family Business at Bond University 14Exit Planning What is it?Exit Planning is an integrated approach that addresses all the issues that business owners face in a business exit.


The Exit Planning Process16EBIT $M}Selling Price $MValue increase - Strategic Buyer}Value increase - Financial BuyerExit Planning Pays Off17Win / Win ResultExit planning makes the sale of your business a win/win result.

This is achieved by ensuring:You receive a fair price for your years of hard work building the business.The buyer gets a great business, its customer base and its reputation in the community.


Todays Offer for Breakfast Attendees OnlyDo you think your business is a valuable asset at the moment?

Can your business give you the lifestyle you deserve?

I can help with support through the Value Builder System. With a full months support to check your performance against the key drivers of business value and turn your business into a more valuable asset.. And its complimentary.

If you like me to help, just tick the Value Builder System request on the feedback form. (normally valued at $800).

Complimentary support through the Value Builder System19


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