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2. DisclaimerSome of the statements contained in the following material may be "forward-looking statements." Allstatements, other than statements of historical fact, that address activities, events or developments thatMawson Resources Ltd (Mawson) believes, expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future areforward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are often, but not always, identified by the useof words such as "seek," "anticipate," "believe," "plan," "estimate," "expect," and "intend" and statementsthat an event or result "may," "will," "can," "should," "could," or "might" occur or be achieved and othersimilar expressions. These forward-looking statements reflect the current expectations or beliefs ofMawson based on information currently available to Mawson. Forward-looking statements are subject toa number of risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual results of Mawson to differ materially fromthose discussed in the forward-looking statements, and even if such actual results are realized orsubstantially realized, there can be no assurance that they will have the expected consequences to, oreffects on Mawson. Factors that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from currentexpectations include, among other things, failure to successfully complete intended financings, capitaland other costs varying significantly from estimates, production rates varying from estimates, changes inworld metal markets, changes in equity markets, uncertainties relating to the availability and costs offinancing needed in the future, equipment failure, unexpected geological conditions, imprecision inresource estimates, success of future development initiatives, competition, operating performance offacilities, environmental and safety risks, delays in obtaining or failure to obtain necessary permits andapprovals from government authorities, and other development and operating risks. Any forward-lookingstatement speaks only as of the date on which it is made and, except as may be required by applicablesecurities laws, Mawson disclaims any intent or obligation to update any forward-looking statement,whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise. Although Mawson believesthat assumptions inherent in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, forward-looking statementsare not guarantees of future performance and accordingly undue reliance should not be put on suchstatements due to the inherent uncertainty therein. The qualified person for Mawsons projects, TerryLees, VP President Exploration for Mawson, and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists, hasreviewed and verified the contents of this overview.2 3. KEY POINTS Flagship 100% owned Rompas gold project in Finland: tremendous uniquepotential Large scale and extremely high grade gold discovery from surface going todepth - 6 km strike and up to 270 m wide Maiden drill result: 6 metres at 617 g/t gold from 7 metres (ROM0011) Rajapalot new camp 8km east 3km long to date up to 85g/t gold Finland/Sweden are excellent mining jurisdictions; new projects; Very experienced team people/people/people Geologists with capital market experience and not the other way around; Senior technical management has 100 years of geological experience Scandinavian focus; Three Directors add another 110 years of geological and mine engineeringexperience. Strong, supportive shareholder base, tightly held, timeframes aligned Reduces financing risk and validates the potential of the project. 3 4. Investment Highlights Investment opportunity Value creation along the discovery curve Tightly held and relatively unknown Very experienced exploration team Early stage but huge system Investment risks Permitting process lengthy - Finland (cf Sweden) Early stage - drilling process just begun Continuity of gold remains to be determined Radioactivity 4 5. Corporate SnapshotCapitalization SummaryMajor Shareholder SummaryCommon Share Price (15 Sept 2012) C$1.51 Shares %Sentient10.3 19.7Basic Common Shares Outstanding52.2MPinetree3.797.3Fully Diluted (2.5M Options, 8.8M War) 63.5MAREVA4.79.0Basic Market CapitalizationC$78.8MTOTAL 18.8 36.0Cash C$7.0MInsiders 5.09.6TOTAL ENTERPRIZE VALUE C$71.8M Management & Board aligned with investorsShare Price Performance5 6. So Why the Fuss?1 Grade, scale, frequency and early days.AVERAGE GOLD GRADEDistribution(g/t) by GradeUndeveloped deposits0.6697 g/tProducing Mines Average of RompasGrams Per Tonne RompasGrade ???1.06channel samples Total ProducingUndeveloped0.82 Mines Deposits439 deposits in the world that contain > 1Moz of GoldSource: NRH Research 2012 Ranking Gild Mines and Deposits 6 7. So Why the Fuss? 2 Grade, scale, frequency and early days.Distribution >1Mozby Sizedepositsare rare assets Millions of OuncesRompas Sizeto own??? >10MozExtremelyProducing Mines Undeveloped Deposits rare439 deposits in the world that contain > 1Moz of GoldSource: NRH Research 2012 Ranking Gild Mines and Deposits 7 8. So Why the Fuss?3 Exploration EffectivenessDeclining; $1 spent on explorationnow delivers about $11 ofvalue in-the ground; Finland exploration costs50% less c.f. SouthAmerica/Africa. Discovery is rare and getting rarer!8 9. Simple Clear Strategy Focus on gold and copper in Scandinavia; Drill out gold mineral system at Rompas >2years. Early stage - drilling process justbegun; Fennoscandian greenfield exploration in abrownfield terrain; Focus on large, long-life assets; First mover advantage - largest deposits aregenerally found first in a camp, 100% ownedlarge claim area; Long term vision to cement ourselves as aFinnish company, local engagement liston NASDAQ OMX; European Uranium and Darwin Resourcesspinouts completed with non-core assets 9 10. Experienced TeamManagementMichael Hudson: President & CEO, Director; Geologist 22 yrsTerry Lees: VP Exploration, Geologist 35 yearsDr. Erkki Vanhanen: Exploration Manager Scandinavia, Geologist 27 yrsDr. Jan-Anders Perdahl: Chief Geological Consultant, Sweden, Geologist 30 yrsDirectorsNick DeMare:Accountant, 33 yrsDavid Henstridge: Geologist, 40 yrsGil Leathley: Mining Engineer, +50 yrsMark Saxon: Geologist, 20 yrsColin Maclean Geologist/Finance 40 yrsAdvisersClaude CaillatGeology (Areva)Philip Williams Capital Markets10 11. Open for Business Globally 2nd and 7th PolicyandMineralPotentialSource: 11 12. Scandinavia Project Generation StrategyMetal basket ofEurope;+500 year history,many Tier 1 projects;Reformation since ROMPASnew mining act in GOLDearly 1990s. Clearguidelines;World classsystems being KRINGELdiscovered (NK, SK);GRAPHITESurface discoveriesie Rompas Gold;NORRA KARR100 years since HREEmature terrains weremaking surfacediscoveries. 12 13. Rompas C Great example of Finlands prospectivity; Discovered Sept 2008 by Areva; First full seasons of exploration by Mawson in2010 and 2011 and first drilling in 2012; Truly bonanza grades, +300 sites identified todate over 6km strike; Extremely high grade drillhole ROM0011 617 g/t Au over 6m; 204 g/t Au over 0.59m average of 80 channel samples (2010) 51.9 g/t Au over 1.40m average of 74 channel samples (2011) 1,127 g/t Au - average of 171 grab samples up to 33,200 g/t Au New discovery at Rajapalot. 13 14. Big New Camp 75,433 Ha, 100% MAW6 km RAJAPALOT10km 14 15. Rompas Scale Comparison New York6km x 200mMineralized Zone Two small windows 15 16. South Rompas IP and Drill Areas Drilling in two small windows of 160m strikethe 6km strike length... Represents only 3% ofmineralized trend to 50m depth 39 holes for 4,188 m ROM0011: 617 g/t Au over 6m,250mincluding 3,540 g/t over 1m240m strike ROM0015: 1 metre at 114.5 g/t 12 holes returned values >0.5g/t over 1m or better 16 17. Rajapalot Evidence for Gold Camp New discovery provides further evidence for a large new gold camp; 18 samples averaged 11.0 g/t gold (up to 85g/t) within 3 separateprospect areas separated by many kilometres; 14 samples results remain to be received, 5 of which containedvisible gold Rajapalot10km 17 18. Rajapalot Scale and Grade, Early Days1km18 19. 7 Finnish Applications (104,223 Ha)1. Latvarova (8,862 Ha) Mawson Projects Rompas target style gold (in Kittil)2. Liikasenvaara (8,655 Ha) Rompas target style gold (in Kuusamo)123. Metskyl (9,941 Ha) Wide electromagnetic anomaly within a deep shear 34 5 zone4. Kkiper (4,076 Ha) Archean age, up to 3.7 ppm gold in rocks 65. Puokio (41,750 Ha) Shear zone with gold/copper anomalies6. Aittojrvi, Svi (30,939 Ha) Pyhsalmi mine area, VMS style copper-zinc-gold19 20. 4 Swedish Applications (33,978Ha) Lill-Trsket (8,805 ha)Application Nickel Tjlmak (4,665 ha) Application Bulk tonnage copper Orrbcken (10,925 ha) Granted Nickel Joint venture with ASX:IGOTargets Los (9583 ha) Application Target high grade copper+cobalt Projects(+gold) Drillhole: 12.1m @ 2.8% Cu, 200km0.3% Co, 84 g/t Ag20 21. Finland Plans for 2012/13 Q3/Q4 2012: Summer program. 10 people at Rompas/Rajapalot. 62 line km of IP; 1,500 geochemical samples; 800 Line km VTEM Q3/Q4 2012 Drilling, subject to permitting: South Rompas around drillhole ROM0011 6m for 617 g/t Au; Drilling North Rompas never tested Apply for modification of granting to drill in Natura 2000 area (2013); 2012 July Dec Budget (C$7M cash) $1.6M Finland, $660K Sweden = $2.26M Discretionary: immediately upon legal clearance at Rompas planis to drill +20km (C$8-10M);21 22. Summary Sampling footprint of 6 km strike and 200-250 m width at Rompas Extremely high grade: 204 g/t Au over 0.59m average of 80 channel samples 1,127 g/t Au - average of 171 grab samples up to 33,200 g/t Au Significant gold results from the maiden drill program Hole ROM-0011 returned 617 g/t Au