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MATH?!?! REALLY?? REALLY!!. Dr. Yvette Hester Assistant Head for Lecturers and Freshman Programs Department of Mathematics. ATTITUDE. Positive Math attitude is absolutely essential. Math is not going away. You need 6 credits!! I determine that I WILL do this, or I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>MATH?!?! REALLY?? REALLY!!Dr. Yvette HesterAssistant Head for Lecturers and Freshman ProgramsDepartment of MathematicsATTITUDEPositive Math attitude is absolutely essential. Math is not going away. You need 6 credits!!I determine that I WILL do this, or I will get help!</p> <p>Forewarned is ForearmedCOLLEGE math is DIFFERENT from HIGH SCHOOL mathThere are NO retests, retries, extra credit or free lunchesThe pace is at least twice that of a high school math class, so keep up</p> <p>Forewarned is ForearmedCollege MATH classes are different from OTHER College classesDont fall into the Freshman Failure to attend class trap!!! You can read a History book to catch up. Not just anyone can read a math book (or wants to). Math is not a spectator sport. YOU must do the work. YOU must work problems. Watching your professor do problems is not enough. Read a book on the War of 1812, you know about the War of 1812. Read a book about how to swim, you will probably drown.Forewarned is Forearmed</p> <p>PRACTICE!!!Learning Math is like learning to play the piano.Practice!! Practice!! Practice!!Suggested Homework DOES NOT mean OPTIONAL homework.</p> <p>Get Some Help!!!FREE sources of help from the Math Department (because we care!!)</p> <p>Time ManagementBe OrganizedSet a Study Time as if it were a ClassTry your homework before going to office hoursDO NOT wait until the night before to begin to study for an exam</p> <p>SHORTCUTSThere ARE NO shortcuts!!Work with your Peers. A lot of learning takes place in focused study groups.Encourage each other!</p> <p>EXAMSBuild your confidence by looking for problems that you know or look familiarWhen you get your exam back, make all corrections within 2 or 3 days while the material is freshIf you dont know, or cant find out how in your notes, ask your Prof, your friends, help session, whatever it takes</p> <p>Profs Pet PeevesCell phones in class</p> <p>Waiting until the last minute to do your online homework and then wanting extra time because __________</p> <p>BOTTOM LINEYour Education is Your ResponsibilityYour Success in Your Classes is Your ResponsibilitySuccess in Math is Your Responsibility</p> <p>BUTDont forget</p> <p>We ARE here to help!!!</p>