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Slide 2 Marvels Ultimate Avengers. What has come, and what is coming. Slide 3 The year was 1945. In an attempt to prevent the Nazis from launching its nuclear weapon aimed towards America, the Allied forces sent thousands of paratroopers, including Captain America and his sidekick, Bucky, to a secret Nazi base in Iceland. The Nazis were able to launch the bomb, but through Cap's heroics, the bomb detonated in mid-air. This sent him plunging to the Arctic waters, thus, setting into motion events which would be instrumental to the formation of the Ultimates. Fast forward to the present day. Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, is finishing up a six-week vacation on Mount Everest. The vacation provided him a newfound focus on his "plan", which would "begin a brand new chapter" in his life and the lives of those around him. And therein ends the issue on a cliffhanger note as we are left wondering what Stark's "plan" was supposed to be and what it ultimately has to do with the Ultimates. Slide 4 After popular billionaire Tony Stark finally agreed to volunteer Iron Man's services to the government in its bid to create its own superhuman team, Nick Fury, head of S.H.I.E.L.D., proceeded to recruit other potential players. First up was Dr. Bruce Banner, who was hired to continue his attempts to recreate the super-soldier formula, which was lost when Captain America plunged to the Arctic waters in his final mission. Next up - the duo of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, Banner's colleagues who were not exactly thrilled to work with Banner once again. Hank Pym was able to perfect the Giant-man formula, making Banner more insecure than ever. However, it would appear that Banner's prayers have been answered, as Captain America's frozen body was finally found by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Slide 5 The book opens with Giant Man testing his powers out, as we also get our first look at the costume he'll be wearing on the missions We then look in on Captain America as he wakes up in the hospital, and we see him view the idea that he's been of ice for fifty-seven years as an elaborate Nazi plot. As Captain America fights his way out of the hospital we see his flight is brought to an end by Giant Man. We then see Captain America is willing to listen to the fantastic ideas being presented to him, and in a bid to convince him that he's been out of circulation for such a long time, we see Captain America visit his former partner Bucky Barnes, who we see is dying of lung cancer. We then see Captain America is forced to deal with the idea that everyone he's ever cared for is dead, or very close to being there, and we see him question what he's going to do with himself. We then jump forward a bit where we see the answer is that the Ultimates have got themselves a new leader, and his name is Captain America. Slide 6 The book opens with the Ultimates finding themselves becoming an object of controversy, as the general public are starting to view the team as a leech that is costing millions of tax dollars, and with no global threatening crisis for them to save the planet from, we see that question is starting to be asked is there even a need for this team to exist. What's more we see the months of non- activity are starting to eat at the team itself, as we see tempers are starting to flare, and Bruce Banner's continually inability to discover the secret of the super-soldier serum has even denied the program of this one seemingly easy to secure victory. To add insult to injury we see Fury's efforts to recruit the media darling Thor into the Ultimates is met with a refusal by Thor to join a team of government sponsored lackeys. With the team coming apart at the seams before they even enter their first battle we see Banner takes a rather drastic action, as he injects himself with the serum that transformed him into the Hulk, in order to provide the Ultimates with a threat to face. Slide 7 The book opens with the Ultimates arriving to deal with the Hulk who is on a rampage through Manhattan. However, we soon discover that the plan seems to be to let each member of the group tackle the Hulk separately, with Giant Man getting to take the first crack at taking down the Hulk. When Giant Man's size proves to be no match for the Hulk, we see Iron Man arrives on the scene, but he finds himself in a spot of trouble when the Hulk rips his helmet clean off. As Tony drives the Hulk back by expending all his armor's power into a single burst, we see the Wasp manages to distract the Hulk long enough for Captain America's arrival. Surprisingly we see Cap is able to fair quite well against the raging beast, but the Hulk manages to get his act together before he can be injected with the antidote that would turn him back into Banner. We then are witness to Thor's arrival at the battle, and the Hulk gets a good taste of the Mjolnir's power. However, in the end it is the Wasp who manages to take down the Hulk, as she shrinks down & physically reverts Hulk into Banner using a well placed wasp sting. Slide 8 The book opens by showing us the publicity wing of the Ultimates is actively working to keep the Hulk's connection to the group from becoming public knowledge, as the creature's rampage through Manhattan killed dozens of innocent civilians, filled the city's hospital with injured, and a good section of the city was reduced to rubble. We then see the focus is placed instead on the idea that the Ultimates managed to secure their first victory, and thanks to the charisma of Tony Stark & Thor's winning ways the Ultimates look to enjoying the adulation of the general public. The story then splits it's focus as we look in on Thor, Captain America & Tony, as these three men enjoy a dinner together, and we see Tony makes a rather surprising revelation about why he's playing the role of hero. The book also turns its attention to Janet & Hank Pym as we see these two are far from being happy campers. In fact in one of the most chilling displays of violence this book has offered up yet, we see these two engage in a heated argument that evolves into fisticuffs, and by the end something very unsettling has occurred. Slide 9 The issue begins as Nick Fury, Steve Rogers, Betty Ross and Tony Stark attend a memorial service for those that died in the Hulk Incident at the Saint Patricks Cathedral in New York City. We then join a secluded and mentally unstable Dr. Bruce Banner at the Triskelion holding area where we learn that Banner is traumatized by the events that he had caused when combining his formula with the super soldier serum that had turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. We learn that the Triskelion has neatly covered up any connection that the Hulk had to the United States Superhuman Defense Initiative. We also learn that all is not it seems with the Hulks effect on Banner and his ability to control what is happening to him. We then join the aforementioned members of The Ultimates as they pay a visit with the hospitalized fellow member Janet Pym The Wasp. We learn that the disappearance of Henry Pym is related to the recent spousal abuse, which left Janet Pym in hospital. We then join Betty Ross, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers at a local diner where we learn of Betty Rosss friendship and past with the Pyms and Hank Pyms past of spousal abuse. We then join Nick Fury as he has called a meeting with The Ultimates. Meanwhile Steve Rogers through a series of clever Satellite and computer searches tracks down Henry Pym and so the issue concludes. Slide 10 The book open with the Black Widow & Hawkeye on a mission, as we see they each make their way into separate office buildings, and in a shocking display of violence we see they begin to systematically slaughter every living soul inside these buildings. We then see that the two heroes are joined by heavily armed government troops, who join in on this seemingly senseless display of violence, but when the innocent civilians start fighting back we see that everything is not what it looked to be. As Hawkeye narrowly avoids being blown to kingdom come by an explosive device, we see he is left dangling helpless off the side of the building, while the people he was attacking move in for the kill. However, a rather impressive leap by the Black Widow has her saving Hawkeye's bacon, and we see the two heroes head back to base having successfully eliminated every person who worked inside those two office buildings. We then see that the innocent civilians that occupied these buildings were really sleeper agents of an alien invasion force, and the proof comes in the form of the dead bodies reverting to their true, decidedly grotesque forms post mortuum. As the issue ends we look in on Captain America, who is all set to teach Hank Pym a lesson he won't soon forget. Slide 11 The book opens with Captain America confronting a plastered Hank Pym, and we see Cap's old fashioned values include a healthy disrespect for men who use women as punching bags, and as such he basically asks Hank to step outside. As the tension escalates, we see Hank Pym is quick to grow to his giant size, but thanks to Captain America's years of combat experience, and a nearby construction site, it is Hank who ends up losing this contest. We then look in on the Ultimates as the group prepares to launch an attack upon an alien stronghold in the nation of Micronesia, and while Tony Stark turns to the bottle for a quick boost of courage, we learn Hawkeye has a series of little traditions that he carries out before rushing off into battle, and during this sequence we learn he's a father. The book also looks in on Banner who we see is trying to find a cure to his condition, but one also gets the sense that he's not altogether sound mentally, and that part of him actually enjoys being able to transform into a raging engine of mindless destruction. After looking in on Janet, as she makes it clear that she is not pleased that Captain