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<p>The Truth About Social Media Marketing</p> <p>Epiphanies, Florida &amp; The Key to Marketing Success</p> <p>Before We Get Started@markevans</p> <p>#ent101</p> <p></p> <p>Business is about epiphanies, pivots and changes in direction. Nothing is every static, the status quo doesnt stick around for a long time.</p> <p>I want to talk about two important epiphanies in how I do marketing for startups.3</p> <p>A few years ago, I was in PEI for two weeks. At the time, I was doing a lot of social media consulting strategy and tactics. </p> <p>It paid the bills.but it was, well, boring very rinse and repeat..Not my cup of team.4</p> <p>I decided to stop doing social media. </p> <p>There were other people more passionate about social media who could do a better job.</p> <p>Instead, I was going to focus on startup marketing5</p> <p>July: average temperature 28C </p> <p>Yes, thats an air conditioner</p> <p>Marketing</p> <p>NeedsMotivationsDesiresFearsChallengesInterests</p> <p>What Are Your</p> <p>Brand awarenessLeads, salesUsers/customersValidation/credibilityMedia coverageInvestors</p> <p>The average person sees and hears &gt;100,000 words/day of content: TV, radio, social media, video games, text messages, Web.</p> <p>Brands need to be publishers (apparently)</p> <p>Social media is table stakes (aka every is doing it)</p> <p>Consumers have lots of information at their fingertips</p> <p>Engaging Distracted, Multi-Tasking, Information Overloaded ConsumersThere is a Huge ChallengeThe Answer: Storytelling</p> <p>What is Storytelling, Really?</p> <p>Engaging Authentic, meaningfulTap into emotionsSpark interest, imagination, curiosityDrives actions (leads, sales, users)Drive relationshipsWhy Stories Matter</p> <p>The Digital Evolution</p> <p>#7 Poor Marketing(Should be higher!)28</p> <p>7 Must-Haves for Storytelling SuccessBeing customer-centricA willingness to listenFlexibility, agilityHaving personalityCommitmentCourage</p> <p>How are you unique or different?Who are the target audiences?Where do you tell stories?Who gets to tell stories?How do you measure success?How do you keep it going?</p> <p>Keys for Telling Good Stories</p> <p>Credit:</p> <p>Rank Your Storytelling PrioritiesEveryones a Storyteller</p> <p>A Staged Approach to StorytellingStorytelling for StartupsHow fast-growing companies can embrace the power of story-driven marketing</p> <p> A signed copy of the book and two hours of consulting Visit: or leave your business card</p> <p>Thanks!</p> <p>@markevans</p> <p>mark@markevans.ca</p>