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A five slides presentation by portfoliosoftware ( reducing the risk on your projects


<ul><li> 1. Managing your project risks A five slides presentation from the Team at Portfolio Software </li></ul> <p> 2. Managing your project risksFunds are finite, mitigate wisely1. Passive mitigation is free, active mitigation costs money choose wisely2. Decide what truly is important to your company, dont spend money if it is not3. If you have something business critical, it is critical that you protect it4. If there is nothing you can do (afford) to mitigate a risk then dont spend too much time trying5. Edge your bets if possible, a little thought can be re-used both in and across projects 3. Managing your project risksThe Business benefits can changequickly, reassess regularly1. Determining business benefits is not a one- off activity, it should be a regular assessment2. If business benefit changes, your project may be doomed. If so, stop it quickly3. ROI is difficult to assess, be objective. It can both protect and doom your project4. A completed project with no business benefit is money, time and resource all wasted5. When thinking project dependencies, include ROI/Business benefit as standard 4. Managing your project risksExternal Suppliers can reduce andincrease risk, choose the right one1. A good supplier will know many of the risks, check that they do2. A good supplier will have mitigated much of the risk, ask how they do it3. Mitigating against your bad supplier is difficult (especially within a project)4. A good supplier will warn you of problems early, a bad one will hide them5. If you are not prepared, you are a risk to your supplier. It works both ways 5. Managing your project risksReduce the risk1. Having an expert is fantastic, but only one ? think broken leg, now what?2. Risks can cascade, lots of small risks can create a cascade to disaster. Mitigate to stop a cascade3. Spread team knowledge, your resource is much more difficult to replace than a hard drive4. Hard drives are cheap, duplicate data5. Prepare a contingency plan, dont wait until your product has failed in the live environment 6. Managing your project risksRe-assess regularly, its not aduty, it is a necessity1. Risk changes it does not remain static so re-assess regularly2. Put somebody in charge of each risks, ownership is key3. Make risks visible, encourage people to view them4. Your team can be innovative, let them mitigate (you would be surprised !)5. Never hide your risks, if you have a new one broadcast it 7. Portfolio Software was formed in 2002We deliver great software solutions - you won't get what you expect from Portfolio Software. You'll get more. We take a different approach to software development, blending the strengths of best practices and methodologies - not just limiting our options to one. Our long- range vision focuses on your immediate needs first, developing a solution and a roadmap for future expansion.We work successfully with distributed teams - we recognise that the world is flat We are well versed with delivering solutions with teams distributed across 5 continents. We recognise the need, mitigate the risks and embrace the complexity.We use industry standard processes - successful Delivery of Your Solution is our Prime Directive Whether Agile or Waterfall, we pick the best method and process for the delivery of your solution. We manage the full lifecycle and have an open and transparent working policy which means we keep you with us every step of the way. Contact us: Tel: +44(0)845 644 7855 Email: </p>


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