Making real connections in the virtual world. The reality of evangelism and discipleship

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  • Making real connections in the virtual world
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  • The reality of evangelism and discipleship
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  • People Seeking on the Internet. Why? Because of anonymity! Everyones deep need is to know God personally, but many times it is a persons needs that are the starting points to share the real and lasting solution in Jesus and the body. People simply want to know how to get through life and hopefully in one piece.
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  • People seeking help Closed Country: How can I get a true and real bible? I am living in an islamic countryLibya (TheLife) Divorce: My wife who I have been married to for 15 yrs. (we have 3 kids, 8, 4, and 2) wants a divorce. She wants out. Please advise.US (Women Today Magazine) Seeking Spiritually: How does one begin to believe? Faith seems like something people create so they don't feel alone or so they feel looked out for. My brain isn't wired that way and I'm not sure I'd want it to be.Los Angeles(Women Today Magazine) Financial Help: People also want to know how to decrease debt and increase income. To Belong: Some look for a safe community.
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  • The Internet a Whole Culture, Breaking Traditional Land Barriers Become interactive! We have His Covenants & Promises as real Solutions!
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  • Building an On-line Community Evangelism and discipleship should be built on a foundation of Love, Relationships & Biblical solutions, the Five-Fold Gift Ministry & strong content that are need based to be effective and long lasting. Every article & communication should be assessed from the perspective of: Is this article and or communication meeting a need? How can the reader of this article be connected with God and the body? Are there mentors available to help people find the right path and walk with people? Where will the gospel be shared?
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  • What is needed: Love, Relationship & Biblical Solutions to real problems! Its about building family!
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  • Content draws visitors deeper into the ministry by: Meeting the immediate needs of the visitor. (caring for the body, soul & spirit. Providing an opportunity to interact and ask questions. Presenting the gospel or Holy Spirit message Creating opportunities for follow-up. Equipping readers with opportunity for a relationship with Christ and the body. Prayer, Follow-Up, Prayer, Follow-Up.
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  • OutreachWeb SiteFollow Up Commitment/Training/ Finances Necessary Elements for Ministry Five-Fold Gift Ministry Prayer
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  • This funnel describes the flow on how the body should reach out to those in need or are welcomed. Engages in follow-up and possibly becomes involved in ministry. The Ministry Process Members Reach out to others in need or hurting, because they have found the truth. People come in. Visitor meets people, reads articles that share the Gospel Engages with the body through interaction or mentoring Makes a decision
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  • Commitment, Planning & Focus of the body enhances Interactivity!
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  • 1.Mentoring: Come alongside and spiritually encourage and exhort those who visit. Train volunteers to share love, community & purpose, the Gospel (The Good News there are solutions) and Gods plan & promises to believers and non-believers in their responses. 2. Prayer Mentoring. Praying for those in need in local communities, but communicating with the body globally through the web to pray for also. There is power in agreement and in unity. The body moving as one to accomplish all things and resolve all needs, locally and globally. 3. Discussion, directly or in directly through email or message boards: People want to know why things are happening the way they are and what if anything can be done. People both believers and non-believers have real concerns.
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  • 4.Follow-up strategy, Prayer: By working together as one body all things can be accomplished. God is moving and we all need to understand what is happening and whyII Chronicles 7:14. 5.Online Courses: Topical and Bible study courses are designed to address personal and spiritual needs that one can work through at their own pace together with a personal study coach. The lessons provide opportunity to share prayer requests and personal needs. 6.Chat rooms: Chat rooms on the web and local gathering places are places where people can meet. Counseling centers are a place to share His ways and Covenants offering real solutions for what is happening in the world and in families.
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  • Create lots of opportunities for interactivity Build the body and each member. The body is only as strong as the weakest member. Help everyone understand how important they are in Gods plan and that each of us have been called by God to do something in the body. Help people understand who they are in Christ and Christ both head and body have been given all power in heaven and earth. Understand that it takes the body moving as one body in love, unity and forgiveness being led by His Spirit. Accept scripture as the truth. God gave us the five-fold gift ministry so the body will not be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine so we can do all things through Christ.
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  • Everyone is called and Everyone can and should play a part in Gods plan! Norma: She couldnt type She didnt have a computer She caught the vision She learned to type She got a computer She now communicates with the body globally Shes now prays for others and is a leader in chat helping reach the world for Christ
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  • Team building & building each member of the body in a in a virtual environment
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  • Develop a team Clearly define each position with a job description and expectations, (prayer, counseling, outreach, research, etc. Know what each has been called to do and make sure they are being led by His Spirit and are called to work with you. If you are recruiting volunteers, handle them in the same way as you would any paid staff by having them complete an application process complete with references. Seek God for a vision and develop a ministry plan to make sure you stay on course. ( A ministry plan is Gods plan for each person in what they are called to do. It is also serves a report card to see if people are doing what they have been called to do.
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  • Equip your team Provide a reporting structure Supply ongoing training Take time to listen Provide opportunity for feedback Ask team members for their input Establish goals by His Spirit and well defined expectations
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  • Encourage your team Provide regular affirmation and encourage your team leaders to encourage their team members as well. Exhort all daily to go further in their relationship with God and be led by His Spirit and go further in their calling and purpose. Pray for each and walk with each that God sends. Support one anothers ministry. Encourage all believers to work as one body. Respect their opinions. Share stories of what God is doing through the ministry.
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  • Incorporate regular times for the team to connect Provide opportunities to pray together Make a commitment to acknowledge special days Send thank you gifts and/or cards when appropriate Have fun, but stay focused Provide community
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  • Communicate Communicate Communicate!! Regular communication systems need to be in place Minister to your team through volunteer newsletters. Dont let anyone on your team ever wonder if they have been forgotten. Regardless of the level of involvement, you want every team member and volunteer to understand that they make a difference Communicate office protocol for the virtual team.
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  • Real lives are being changed online every day through love and providing community or family!
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  • Ellie: a chat story She discovered a reason to live: God has used this chat room in amazing ways. I have been given the privilege of watching people come to the Lord, watch them grow, be part of God's work. My faith has grown so much. The chat room took away my overwhelming sense of loneliness. I don't think about taking my life anymore which brought me here in the first place. I left the path which God intended for me, but He never left. Ellie
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  • Christina Christina was at a crisis in her life when she went to see The Passion of the Christ film. She went to buy a Bible, and then viewed an outreach website based on The Passion called
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  • The Kingdom of Hearts, Missions Its about the condition of each one of our hearts to follow God, care about others, walk with each other as family and work as one body! Vision: Reach all in the body globally and encourage everyone to work as one body globally to accomplish His will. Gather all believers and encourage one another in their Holy Calling and purpose and to reach all globally. Pray for one another, walk with each other in love and unity and demonstrate His will as His Royal Priesthood in His ways, Commandments and Covenants to meet the needs of all people. Understand and accept that we all have been called to be leaders and examples and people learn more from us about Christ by what we do, than what we say. Communicate the needs of those God sends you to other parts of the body so all can pray for eac