Making a Great Impression for The Holidays

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  • During the holidays, its often very important to show your appreciation to certain terminals in

    your life, both personal and in the workday world. It can be difficult to choose something that

    will make a great impression and show that you care.

    There are so many different options, but a lot of options are

    not very personal and can make it seem like not much

    thought was put into it. Some of the more personal options

    can also really break the bank! When you have a long list of

    people you need to send gifts to, it can be challenging to find

    something high quality and extremely personal.

    Most companies know that extending appreciation and

    emotional branding is vital in growing their business. Not to

    mention everybody has certain terminals in their life that

    they want to give a lovely gift to during the holidays but may

    not have the time to shop around for the perfect gift.

    Gift Baskets from local companies can create a personal, individually made experience for those

    you want to send gifts to and there are many different options that everyone on your list will


    There is also a growing industry with Gourmet Fruit Bouquets. These can send to anyone as

    opposed to flower bouquets which have a romantic feel to them. Who wouldnt appreciate

    chocolate dipped pineapple shapes and lovely ripe fruit all put together in a wonderful


    With the ever growing need for new ideas for the holidays, finding

    a local company that can provide you with beautiful gifts is

    becoming even more important.

    Ingallinas Box Lunch has locations in Seattle, Portland and Los

    Angeles. They offer free local delivery and have certain gift

    baskets that they can ship all over the United States!

    They have a beautiful selection of Holiday Gift Baskets for

    ANYONE on your list. They also recently started offering beautiful

    Fruit Bouquets that are sure to wow!

    Making a Great Impression for The Holidays

    Ingallina's Box Lunch, catering company serving box lunches, party platters, gift baskets in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles, including many other cities of Washington, Oregon and California.

  • They are pros in handling any size gift basket, or food order and they love to work hard to make

    your holidays easier. Not to mention they offer discounts for large holiday basket orders, which

    makes corporate gifting a breeze.

    Whether you just need one basket sent, or you need 500 baskets sent all over the U.S. they can

    handle anything you throw at them.

    You can cross everyone off your list with a beautiful gift basket or Fresh Fruit Bouquet and be

    done with your Christmas shopping before the Holidays even officially begin. Even if you forget

    something and need a last minute gift, they are great for that too, and offer free same day local

    delivery. Ingallinas Box Lunch is definitely a go-to for Holiday gifting.

    Ingallinas Box Lunch, with free delivery in the Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles metro areas,

    creates fresh baked custom cookies at a reasonable price. They can incorporate your literature

    into the basket creating an experience that is difficult to forget.

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