looking inside cells cells organelles tiny cell structures carry out specific functions produce...

Download Looking Inside Cells Cells Organelles Tiny Cell Structures Carry out specific functions Produce energy/transport materials/store and recycle waste

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  • Looking Inside CellsCells

  • OrganellesTiny Cell StructuresCarry out specific functionsProduce energy/transport materials/store and recycle waste

  • Cell WallRigid layer of non-living material that surrounds the cells of plants and some organisms Tough materials called celluloseAdds strengthAnimals do not have cell wallsEven though it is rigid water and oxygen can pass throughMime

  • Cell MembraneJust inside a cell wall (If there is a cell wall)Outside boundary that separates the cell from its environmentControls what goes in and out of the cell (By pores - tiny holes)Food and oxygen entersWaste leavesIn and out (truck)

  • NucleusLarge oval structureBrain of the cellDirects Cells control centerDirects all cell activitiesThree main partsPresident (salute)

  • Nuclear MembraneProtects the nucleusLike a cell membraneMaterial passes in and out though poresHoles in the nuclear membraneIn and out (car)

  • ChromatinThin floating strandsGenetic material that directs function of the cellAir traffic control

  • NucleolusWhere ribosomes are madeMake food

  • Learn the OrganellesInside parts of the cellProduce energyBuildTransport

  • CytoplasmClear jel like fluidBetween the cell membrane and the nucleusConstantly movingIt looks like.Wiggle

  • MitochondriaRod-like structuresPower housesProduce most of the energy for cells to carry out the functionsLook likeMuscle people

  • RibosomesGrain like bodies outside the Endoplasmic ReticulumSome found floating in cytoplasmFactories to produce proteinsPass proteins from ER to the Golgi bodiesLooks like.Make something

  • Endoplasmic ReticulumERMaze of passagewaysCarries proteinsAnd other materials from one part of the cell to anotherLocated just off the nucleusLooks like.Carry something heavy

  • Golgi bodiesFlattened collection of sacks and tubesCells mailroomPackage the proteins given to them by the Ribosomes from the ER and sent them to other parts of the cellReleases material outside the cellLooks like.Mail Carriers

  • LysosomesSmall round structureContains chemicals that break down large food particles to small onesBreaks down old cells to be used againClean-up crewLooks likeBroom

  • CentriolesOrganize the cells activityPlays a role in cell divisionWhen you see these the cell is about to divideLooks like.Divide Hands

  • ChloroplastsOnly in plants and some organismsGreenCaptures sunlight and produce food for the cellsLooks like..Im green

  • VacuolesRound water filled sacIn plants is stored in vacuoles, when firm the cell is plump, without the plant wiltsStorage area of the cellFoodWaterOther materialsWastesLooks like..Look Round as you can

  • EukaryoteHas a nucleusHas cell parts

  • What is it?

  • Bacterial cellsSmaller than plant and animal cellHas a cell wall and cell membraneGenetic material in cytoplasmHave RibosomesNo nucleusProkaryote

  • Specialized cellsCells in an organism that serve a specific functionBlood cellsNerve cells

  • The EndTada!


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