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L/O/G/O Green Energy Projects Opportunities for Cooperation Opportunities for Cooperation Slide 2 ICC Ukraine: GREENERGY ICC support economic integration, trade and investment. Introduced in 127 countries worldwide. Global promoter of Green Economy ICC Ukraine - national committee of ICC, introducing the WBO policies since 1998 GREENERGY Initiative ICC Ukraine program on Green Economy development in Ukraine Slide 3 GREENERGY Initiative Set up in 2009 uniting businesses and cooperating with government -Creating favorable conditions for Ukraine market development. Cooperation with UNECE, OECD -Investment attracting -Projects development Slide 4 GREENERGY INTRO GREENERGY specializing in green energy support to companies, project development, management and government relations Biomass MSW Biogas Bioethanol Small Hydro Solar Wind Slide 5 BENEFITS TO INVESTORS BenefitsBiomassHydro SolarWind Green tariff guaranteed by the government Till 2030 Green tariff, EUR/kWh 0.46 0.06 0.11 Guaranteed purchaseyes Corporate income tax 0% VAT Custom duty on imports Additional benefitsTax-free earnings on emission reduction Slide 6 MARKET OPPORTUNITIES SUMMARY Parameter/segmentBiomassHydroSolarWind Number of projects, operating 279279 Number of projects, potential 1,000 900800 Project size, MW 0,5-203-105-2050-400 Project investment size, EUR mln 1-506-2010-50 100 - 800 IRR, % 30-3525-3040-4530-35 Payback, years 5-7 4-55-7 Slide 7 REGIONS RANKING, BIOMASS Slide 8 REGIONS RANKING, SMALL HYDRO Slide 9 REGIONS RANKING, SOLAR Slide 10 REGIONS RANKING, WIND Slide 11 GREENERGY OFFER Well established relations with state and local authorities Local partner Facilitation in obtaining all required local permits and approvals Project management coordination Project development team Slide 12 GREENERGY OFFER, BIOMASS Chernigov region (Northern Ukraine) 10 MW biomass CHP Brown field (reconstruction of former power plant ) Wood fuel Long term wood supply agreement Wood logistics company in place CAPEX: up to 25 mln euro Pay back up to 5 years Support of local administration Slide 13 GREENERGY OFFER, SMALL HYDRO Ivano-Frankovsk small hydro (Western Ukraine) Investment program for construction of up to 15 stations with total capacity of up to 50 MW Green filed Land secured 1 MW CAPEX: up to 2,5 mln euro Payback about 5 years Strong regional administration support Slide 14 GREENERGY OFFER, SOLAR Kherson region (Southern Ukraine) Capacity: 10 MW Green field Land and grid connection secured CAPEX: 20 mln euro Pay back up to 4 years Slide 15 Investment process Expression of interest to and signing contract with GREENERGY Contract with local partner (1month) Technical feasibility study and its approvals (6months) Obtaining land lease and construction permit (1 month) Construction phase (10-15 months) Slide 16 GREENERGY TEAM Darya Revina Vice-Chair on Green Economy ICC Ukraine Anatolii Lipatov Managing Partner ICC Ukraine Consulting Anatolii Primachenko Director, Financial Advisory Services ICC Ukraine Consulting Alexander Ivanitskii Director, M&A, ICC Ukraine Consulting Slide 17 Open for cooperation with companies interested in entering Ukrainian market and developing energy efficiency/renewable energy projects Olga Revina, Vice Chairman, ICC Ukraine orevina@iccua.org www.iccua.org


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