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Login using your unique, secure Username & Password. Slide 2 Use the menu list to select the area of Equi-Cal you wish to use. Use the menu boxes to shortcut to a specific area e.g. Add/ Edit Growth Entries. Slide 3 Manage your account & contact details. Slide 4 Add additional users & manage their access to information on Equi- Cal. Slide 5 Add new stud premises & manage paddocks lists. Slide 6 A quick & easy reference list of all your horses. Edit & delete birth data. View growth entries & report for individual horses Slide 7 Add new horses including information on their birth weight, dam, sire, colour and passport number. Slide 8 Quickly add & save birth information for multiple horses. Slide 9 Add new growth information for individual horses. Calculates average daily gains. Slide 10 Quickly enter new growth data for multiple horses. Slide 11 Add progressive & on-going information including veterinary notes, developmental problems and feeding regime for individual horses. Slide 12 View & compare the growth curve of an individual horse. Slide 13 View & create summary or in-depth PDF report including all growth information, photographs, veterinary notes, developmental history & feeding regime. An ideal way of keeping owners up to date. Slide 14 View your grass, hay, haylage & nutritional reports. Slide 15 Keep up to date with the latest nutritional news from Dodson & Horrell.


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