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  • Local and Long Distance


    One of the best indicators

    of customers trust is their

    recommendations. Our

    clients recommend us a

    lot: we receive

    approximately 25% of our

    new clients from referrals

    and are so proud of this

    high number.

    People Recommend

    OurMoving Services

  • Our moving company is willing to do everything to simplify your moving

    experience as much as possible. To do so, we plan the best route of your

    move and negotiate the most reasonable price.

    Local Move Is Easy with


  • We Understand What Youre Going Through

    There are many moving

    companies out there, but not

    every one of them is willing to

    fit in your shoes. Unlike some

    other local movers, we know

    how stressful the whole

    process can be (especially if

    you dont do this often) and try

    to make it easier for you. You

    want your stuff to be delivered

    to a certain place on time and

    in the same condition? Trust us,

    we can do this!

  • Mark reffered

    TB MovingJennifer booked her

    job with TB Moving

    TB Moving Sends a gift card or check to Mark



    Somebody steered you in

    our direction? That's great

    news for you - regardless of

    what you need to move, or

    whether it's personal or

    business. Either way, just

    tell us the name of the kind

    person who wants to move

    and you'll get 7% cash back

    for a local move and 5%

    cash back for a long

    distance move.

  • Our Most Common Packages

    Exclusive Truck

    Want a truck exclusively for your own

    use? Done. Our sales team will help you

    make the necessary arrangements. Well

    guarantee a delivery date, too. Whats

    more, if we miss the date, well refund

    you $150 for every day were late.

    Regular Package

    Because we send trailers

    nationwide on a weekly basis,

    we can schedule your move

    quickly. Just call us and one of

    our sales representatives will

    help you reserve your spot.

    Storage Options

    Some customers have to move their belongings

    before arrangements for a new location are in

    place. Thats when we can come to the rescue.

    TB Moving can store that property until you are

    ready to move it to a new location. Well even

    provide storage for free for 30 days. Give us a

    call for more information.

  • 121 12th street

    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    (718) 717-8797

    2001 42nd street

    North Bergen NJ 07047

    (201) 777-3989




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