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Relentless MC

Relentless MCRhymin Eternal Lyrics Embracin New Times Lettin Every Spirit Shine

Rap/Vocal WorkshopsEmpowering Young People To Use Their Most Powerful Tool...Their Voice.

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Who Am IRap Vocal WorkshopRap/Vocal Workshop for Kids 13yrs-15yrs

Live n Let Rhyme an ethos teaching young people they don`t have to always subscribe to the gangster mentality when it comes to rap music

This workshop is run by myself North London`s own Relentless MC, professional artist with over fifteen years experience.

Live n Let Rhyme Enterprise..

Rap School WorkshopNurturing Self EsteemInter-active Social SkillsPublic Speaking/PerformanceSong Writing/LyricsTeam BuildingPositive Self Affirmations.Encourage Self IdentityAchieve Personal GoalsTo Positively Instil Feel Good Factor

September 2014 visiting youngsters in their area spreading the word about MC & DJ Workshops.5