literacy: reading, writing, & the abc’s

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LITERACY: Reading, Writing, & the ABC’s. Nonsense Stories #1 and 2. Use the formula to create another version of a story: 1. Name a person or animal. 2. Their means of transportation. 3. Where the action is taking place. 4. What he is doing there. 5. Why he is doing it. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


LITERACY: ABC Activities

LITERACY: Reading, Writing, & the ABCs

Bodies make letters1Nonsense Stories #1 and 2Use the formula to create another version of a story:1. Name a person or animal.2. Their means of transportation.3. Where the action is taking place.4. What he is doing there.5. Why he is doing it.6. An encounter with someone or something unexpected.7. What happens from this encounter.8. How it is resolved.Participate in the NonsenseStories by selecting a sentencesfrom one ofthe group of eightstatements.2

Turn one of your Nonsense stories into a mini book3LanguageThe basis for understanding and communicatingTalking, listening, reading, singing, writing, playingYoung children need writing to help them learn about reading, they need reading to help them learn about writing; and they need oral language to help them learn about both.READING CENTER Purpose is to explore the world by reading booksA calm, relaxing, and quiet area away from loud and active play.Place for sitting soft pillows, chairs, blanketInclude bookshelves with easy access for the childDisplay the entire front of the book not just the side to promote interest.Include a wide selection of books5Read your illustrated story

Get into groups and read the illustrated story assignment.6


8CURSED TEXTOn this, Sopt 1708, the rseidnets of Graves End fuoght a btatle agiasnt the priate Captain E. Ville Dewar and his wckied cerw. The btatle wnet on for tirheten dyas and edend Octoebr 31, when the ctizeins sank their sihp. Some say the veengful Captain apaeprs ervey Haloleewn to cuase msicheif in the twon. Msot cizitnes rfesus to bleeive in the ghsot leegnd, clalnig it nnonesse.

9Children learn the Sound First then letter.Mimi Mouses Song(tune: This Old Man)Mimi Mouse, Mimi MouseMinds her manners in the house.When she sips her milkShe never makes a mess.Mud pies never mess her dress.

Action AlphabetLlLion licks lollypopsPretend to hold a lollipop and lick the lollypop as you say the phrase and the the L sound.TtTap on turtleTtttt like a drum beat

Language DevelopmentCopy Me MirroringTurn TalkingConversation patternSelf-TalkTalking to Yourself, giving a travel logCreating opportunitiesLet the child ask for itExpansionTell me more. Your reply is elaborated on.Parallel TalkSay what the child sees, feels, hears, and is doing.ReflectingHelp the child say it by using correct examples. Look, tar! Yes, car.Snowflake story and then info, 12PRE-WRITING ActivitiesTwo skills are needed before a child can successfully write manuscript:

Body Letters. Write 1st and last name and birthday as slowly as possible. What muscles are you working?

131. Small Muscle CoordinationSkill needed to hold a pencil and to make basic strokes.Provide activities where the child is using their fingers to help develop the small muscles. Like What?Puzzles, building blocks, play dough, clay, rubber stamps, magnet letters, small cars and trucks, crayons, etc.142. EYE-HAND CoordinationThis allows the childs hand to react to what the eye sees.These activities will help the child to develop writing skills:Like what?Drawing, tracing, cutting, painting, pasting, finger paints, typing (key boards) lacing cards, stringing items, etc.

15As a child begins to use straight lines and circle drawings to represent different pictorial ideas, they are beginning to write.

16Make writing & letters FUN!The majority of preschool children lack skills, at first, for traditional writing.Provide a variety of early literacy ABC activities without holding a pencil. Sensory letter activities Games, songs, booksLabel on items Word and letter recognition in familiar names and signs

First have groups make a letter out of bodies. 17



ALWAYS CONFIRM THE SPELLING OF A NAME UNTIL YOU HAVE IT MEMORIZED!They learn this by watching you.19Teach the child to write in lower case letters. Only the first letter in their first and last name has a capital letter.

REVERSALS:Young children will often reverse letters or write parts of the letter backwards.The order of letters in a word may be reversed.Both are normal and should not be a concern.


Handwriting TestToday is your handwriting test on correct printing.Write the entire Alphabet, numbers 1-10 and Your First and Last Name Correctly!Do handwriting test and letter centers22GOODBYE SONG (Tune: Popeye the Sailor Man) The morning has just flown by I bet I can tell you why Ever since it's begun We've had so much fun Now it's time to say goodbye... Goodbye (clap clap) Goodbye (clap clap) It's time to say goodbye23


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