literacy is priceless: free technology tools for literacy teachers

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This presentation will be given at NECC Unplugged July 2009 by A. Batchelder. Literacy is Priceless: A Presentation for Reading and ELA Teachers. During this session, audience members will learn about a variety of open and free education resources for the K-12 literacy classroom.


  • 1. Literacy is Priceless: Free Technology Tools for Literacy InstructionAnna BatchelderCurriki, Global ConsultantFounder, Bon Education NECC Unplugged 2009

2. After 30 minutes you will be able to Define open education resources Identify numerous open education resources for literacy instruction Find early literacy resources using FreeReading Find and Create K-12 literacy resources using Curriki 3. About Anna Twitter: @Curriki Twitter: @Bon_Education 4. What are Open Education Resources? 5. OERsthat anyone can free education materialsare Remix Improve Redistribute 6. OERs include Learning objectsImages, audios & videosLessons, units & full coursesJournal articles & textbooksLearning & content management softwareTools for publishing digital resources 7. OER and FOSS Think about open education resources like you thinkabout free and open source software. Users:adapting contentsharing content 8. Major OER Projects 9. Literacy OER tour 10. Benefits & Challenges 11. The World Needs You!Share your teaching genius withothers around the globe! Think OERs! 12. Thank you! Anna Batchelder Global Consultant, CurrikiFounder, Bon EducationDubai, 13. Appendix 14. What about copyrights? A brief video 15. 16.


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