levolor wood blinds. 2 levolor wood & faux wood blinds

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Levolor Wood Blinds Slide 2 2 Levolor Wood & Faux Wood Blinds Slide 3 3 Finest Offering to Date High-End Finishes that Coordinate, Match and Blend with Existing Wood Finishes in the Home Variety of Materials Industry Leading Options Industry Leading Coordination Slide 4 4 Construction Steel Headrail Ladders Slats Lift Cord Valance Bottomrail Tilt Wand or Cord Slide 5 5 Materials Premium Wood or Real Wood NuWood or Composite Material Visions (Faux Wood) Slide 6 6 Premium Wood Basswood Lightest and Most Rigid Wood Product 3 Slat Sizes; 1, 2 and 2 40 Furniture/Flooring Matching Finish Choices 4 Distinct Collections Slide 7 7 Premium Wood Estate Collection Finest Offering Designed Specifically to Match Furniture and Flooring in the Customers Home 6 Beautiful Finishes 2 and 2 Slat Size Slide 8 8 Premium Wood Stains Wide Assortment of Finishes Designed to Match and Blend with Flooring and Home Furnishings 1, 2 and 2 Slat Size Updated with New Trend Right Finishes Slide 9 9 Premium Wood Paints Designed to Coordinate with Other Painted Wood Such As Crown Molding and Window Trim Sandblasted and Smooth Textures Available 1, 2 and 2 Slat Size Slide 10 10 Premium Wood Classic Opening Price Point Collection 6 Popular Finishes 2 Slat Size LightMaster Option Wand or Cord Tilt Option Twill Tapes Option Slide 11 11 Composite NuWood Top of Line Non-Natural Wood Product Resists Humidity, Extreme Sun Exposure Denting and Slat Warping Rigid Outer Casing Designed to Match Premium Wood Lighter Than Faux Wood 2 Slat Size Slide 12 12 Visions Faux Wood Price Group 2 Look of Wood, Performance of Faux Wood (PVC) Perfect Coordination with Visions Vertical Blinds Ideal for High Humidity Applications 2 Slat Size Heaviest Material Used Slide 13 13 Visions Faux Wood Price Group 1 PVC Product Designed with Premium Wood Matching Finishes Perfect for High Humidity Applications 2 and 2 Slat Size Heaviest Material Used Slide 14 14 Controls Cord Tilt Standard on all 2 (with the exception of Cordless) Standard on 2 Not Available on 1 Wand Tilt Option on all 2 Standard on 1 and Cordless Not Available on 2 Slide 15 15 Valances Premium Wood Customer May Choose Between Modern and Traditional Valance at No Additional Charge Available on all 2 and 2 Premium Wood Blinds 3 Profile for Added Elegance Modern Traditional Slide 16 16 Valances NuWood & Faux Wood NuWood 2 Visions Faux Wood 2 Visions Faux Wood Slide 17 17 Cornices Larger 4 Profile Rope and Dentil Styles Available in 7 Finishes Multiple Mounting Choices Traditional Rope Modern Dentil Slide 18 18 Carefree Options Cordless Lightmaster Twill Tapes Multiple Blinds on One Headrail Radius Corners Cutouts Multi-Color Striping Slide 19 19 Cordless No External Lift Cords Increased Safety for Children and Pets Clean, Modern Look Spring-Tension Technology Standard LightMaster Standard Wand Tilt Increased Sizes Available Slide 20 20 LightMaster Double Notch Edge Rout Design Increased Privacy, Room Darkening and Security Slats Can Be Removed for Cleaning Available on all Levolor Wood Blinds with the Exception of 1 Premium Wood Slide 21 21 Twill Tapes Solid Twill Tapes - and 1 Widths Decorative Twill Tapes 1 Width 1 Slat Size Will Have Tape 2 Slat Size May Choose Between and 1 Tape Will Cover Every Ladder Tapes Coordinate with Cellular and Natural Shades Slide 22 22 Multiple Blinds on One Headrail Provides Raising and Lowering Flexibility 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 Available Maximum Width up to 144 Standard Innerspace is Slide 23 23 Radius Corners Slat Ends are Finished with Rounded Corners Softer Appearance Available on 2 , 2 and 1 Premium Wood Not Available on Cordless Slide 24 24 Cutouts Allow Access to Air Conditioners, Window Cranks, Etc. Center and Side Cutouts Available Diagram May Be Required Slide 25 25 Cleaning Guide Brush-Type Vacuum Attachment, Dusting Mitt or Feather Duster for Regular Cleaning Do Not Use Water, Solvents, or Abrasive Solutions Blinds with Lightmaster May Have Slats Removed for Cleaning Non-Natural Wood Products May Be Wiped with a Lightly Dampened Cloth Slide 26 26 Installation Brackets May Be Used for Both Inside and Outside Mount Universal Box-Style Brackets Easy to Install Place Blind in Bracket and Close Bracket Gate Install Valance After Blind Is In Place Slide 27 27 1-2-3 Selling/Sampling Easy to Use Sample Book 1-2-3 Step Selling Process Technical Guide Included in Book www.levolor.com for Swatches at Homewww.levolor.com Slide 28 28 1-2-3 Selling Process Step 1: Choose Real Wood or Faux Wood Slide 29 29 1-2-3 Selling Process Step 2: Choose Your Slat Size and Finish Slide 30 30 1-2-3 Selling Process Step 3: Choose Your Options and Upgrades. Slide 31 31 What Questions Do You Have For Me?


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