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Lets Sing Lets Sing Festivals Question Time Question Time Our Show Time Our Show Time Free Talk Free Talk Play a game Play a game Slide 2 1 When is Christmas Day? Its on December 25th. 2 What do people do before Christmas? They buy Christmas trees and decorate them. 3 Is Christmas an important festival in many countries? Yes, it is. 4 Is Christmas tree an important part of the Christmas holiday? Yes, it is. 5 Are the parents the real Father Christmas? Yes, they are. 6 Where do they put the presents? They put the presents under the Christmas trees or into their childrens stockings. 7 Can you tell me something about Christmas? Christmas trees, Christmas songs, Father Christmas Slide 3 Before Christmas people decorate their Christmas trees. They sing Christmas songs too. Slide 4 At Spring Festival people get together and have a big dinner. Slide 5 Slide 6 At Dragon Boat Festival, people in China eat zongzi and row dragon boats. Slide 7 At Halloween children go from door to door to say trick or treat and ask for sweets and cakes. Slide 8 At Mid-autumn Festival people in China usually eat mooncakes. Slide 9 At Easter people give each other Easter eggs. Slide 10 Some important Chinese Festivals 1.New Years Day 2.The Lantern Festival /Yuanxiao Jie 3.Womens Day 4.Qingming 5.May Day 6.Youth Day 7.Dragon Boat Festival /Duanwu Jie 8.Childrens Day 9.Our Partys Birthday Slide 11 10.Festival of Qi Xi Jie 11.Armys Day 12.Moon Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival 13.Double Ninth 14.Teachers Day 15.National Day 16.Dong Zhi 17.Spring Festival Slide 12 Some important Foreign Festivals 1.Valentines Day 2.April Fools Day 3.Easter 4.Mothers Day 5.Fathers Day 6.Halloween 7.Thanksgiving Day 8.Christmas Day Slide 13 Spring Festival is usually on January or February. Womens Day is on March 8th. May Day is on May 1st. Childrens Day is on June 1st. Teachers Day is on September 10. Mothers Day is on the second Sunday of May. Fathers Day is on the third Sunday of June. Christmas is on December 25th. Halloween is on October 31st. Easter is between March 22nd and April 25th. Slide 14 1 Do you like Chinese Festivals or western festivals? 2 Whats your favourite festival? Why? 3 What is the most popular festival in China? 4 What is the most important festival in western countries? 5 Can you tell the differences between Spring Festival and Christmas? Tips: clean and decorate our houses, Flower Fairs, lucky money, a big dinner, dumplings, wear new clothes, visit relatives and friends lots of parties, no school, Father Christmas, presents, Christmas tree, stockings, Christmas songs, silent night Slide 15 FestivalsWhat can you learn from the shows? Christmas Spring Festival Dragon Boat Festival Halloween Mid-autumn Festival Easter Slide 16 http://www.4lifechina.com/Article/ chuantongfengsu/200708/2441.ht ml http://blog.china.alibaba.com/blog/hds hc1618anny/article/b51- i1151451.html?tracelog=blog_rss