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    LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique


    Ajay Kansrali Nidhi Gupta Uzma Shahid Ankita Sharma

    LetsConnect Team

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013 1|ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    Message from GMD's Desk

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am very pleased to reach you all through this issue of “LetsConnect”.

    With the new impetus, ManpowerGroup will continue to support your

    initiatives and growth plans and in turn seek your total involvement,

    dedication and active participation in elevating our brand as the only

    innovative solutions provider in India.

    We closed first quarter of 2013 on a good note and significant improved

    operational metrics, Compliments to the team for all the worthy efforts.

    However, a clear focus needs to be maintained on your deliverables in

    the coming 3 quarters to exceed the targets . Your success is critical to

    us, so it is time for focus on productivity, efficiency and excellence.

    As a part of this monthly communiqué, it will be providing you with an

    update on ManpowerGroup India's outstanding achievers, top

    branches, Client Wins and Key Achievements and much more.

    For us to succeed as a team, it is important for us to create more

    achievers and it is an absolute necessity that we constantly hone our

    skills and develop our knowledge to build, sustain and conquer.

    Tomorrow's success will depend on our ability to execute flawlessly,

    anticipate client's needs and innovate with our service offerings. I am

    confident that you will have the determination and skills required to

    handle these and this will determine how rapidly ManpowerGroup India

    continues to grow as an industry leader.

    My Congratulations to all the performers featured in this edition and wish

    many more would be joining this list in the next issue across operations.

    A G Rao

    A G Rao Group Managing Director, ManpowerGroup India

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013 2|ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    “Did you Know”?

    ManpowerGroup Recognized as Leader for Third Consecutive Year in Everest Group's Recruitment Process Outsourcing Report

    ManpowerGroup achieved top quartile performance in the Everest Group assessment, receiving the top ranking among providers based on its flexible and scalable RPO delivery capability and market success.

    “ManpowerGroup Joins One Billion People in Celebrating Earth Day”

    “ManpowerGroup Named One of America's Most Honored Companies”

    “ManpowerGroup Named One of World's Most Ethical Companies for Third Consecutive Year”

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013 3|ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    “ ManpowerGroup In News”

    Timesjobs.com in its half yearly recruitment report- “RecruiteX”, which is a platform for the industry leaders from various sectors and regions to comment, discuss and share the crucial statistics related to the Indian employment market. Mr. A G Rao- Group Managing Director, ManpowerGroup India shared his expert comments for the report.

    Coverage in Education Times - Delhi print edition on commerce graduates .

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013 4|ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    “Here we grow again” - Client Wins

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013 5|ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    “Connecting & Transforming” - A Pinch of Social Media

    Twitter for “You”: This popular social networking “micro- blogging” site already boasts 500 million users as of 2012, generating over 340 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries every single day. Twitter can be used to promote job opportunities, and to complement your e-recruitment sourcing channels pool.

    Twitter has the power to create and participate in public conversations in real time. This enables your company to be able to leverage the channel in a variety of ways:

    Recruiters acting as followers can undertake "brand monitoring" as a business intelligence process. They can then mine this power by gathering relevant information about recruitment services opportunities.

    that have become followers. More and more recruiters are embracing this technology to connect with candidates quickly and effectively. Make sure your recruitment software is able to help you connect with this powerful social media.

    For job posting related tweets or any tweets for that matter, make sure you use relevant hashtags. Hashtags, that is the use of the symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in a Tweet, are used to categorize those Tweets and help to find them more easily in Twitter Search. Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets marked with that keyword. Hence by using popular job seeking or recruitment hashtags such as #jobs, #employment, #career, you will position your tweets in the right context.

    You can evaluate candidate behavior and online reputation by analyzing their Twitter account, their Twitter activity (quantity and quality), and balance between followers and following.

    To leverage Twitter you need to aspire to have lots of followers. There are tricks for expanding your network and building relationships with relevant organizations and jobseekers. The saying “give and you shall receive” is the motto for expanding your network in Twitter. If you want to be followed, then follow relevant contacts yourself.

    Search for people and companies you know, and topics of interest. Follow the contacts resulting from the search results, if appropriate. A percentage of these contacts will follow you in turn.

    Twitter, being a real-time channel is perfect to actively elicit referrals. Make sure people in your network know what you are looking for and see miracles happen every day.

    How can Twitter be used as a recruitment tool?

    1. Gather business intelligence to identify new opportunities.

    2. Promote jobs to potential jobseekers

    3. Researching Potential Candidates.

    4. Reach more people.

    Search for relevant terms in your industry.

    5. Elicit referrals.

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013 6|ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    “New Starter” - Welcome to ManpowerGroup Family

    Navin Kumar Manager-Business Development

    Manpower, Chennai

    Surbhi Sinha Key Account Manager Manpower, Mumbai

    Akshay Ticku Executive-MIS

    Manpower, Gurgaon

    Nirmal Patil Manager- Recruitments

    Manpower, Mumbai

    Siby Joseph Regional Sales Manager


    Srikala Kalavagunta Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Manpower, Hyderabad

    "Loyalty" - Long Service Recognition Award Anjuli Kumari in Experis IT, based at Gurgaon office completed 3 years with Manpower in April 2013

    Rakesh Sharma in NHO Finance, based at Gurgaon office completed 5 years with Manpower in April 2013

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013 7|ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    “Making a Difference” - Kudos to the winners

    Top 3 Recruiters - April 2013

    Sunil Kumar Tiwari Manpower, Hyderabad GP Billed : 5.38 Lacs

    Nisha Prabhu Lakhani Experis F&A, Mumbai GP Billed : 3.47 Lacs

    Prem Kumar Kottaiswamy Experis IT, Chennai

    GP Billed : 3.36 Lacs

    Top 3 Branches - April 3013

    1st - ROM

    2nd - Chandigarh

    3rd - Gurgaon

    Congratulations! Shrishailya & Team

    Congratulations! Ravinder & Team

    Congratulations! Manush & Team

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013 8|ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    “Fully Committed” - Success Stories

    Anita Chandel, Associate Consultant Anita from Chandigarh branch generated GP of Rs. 4,85,000 being one of the significant contributors of the branch.

    Sukhmeet Singh, Associate Consultant Sukhmeet from Chandigarh branch generated GP of Rs. 2,04,000.

    Preety Pall, Associate Consultant Preety from Chandigarh Branch generated GP of Rs. 1, 20,000

    Atul Sharma, Manager, HR operations Handled associate headcount of 600 individually and added additional GP of 2 lacs from Britannia along with successfully managing team of HR Operations in Delhi.

    Virendra Kumar Yadav ,Associate Consultant – Volume Recruitment Achieved 135% of the target with successful 40 on-boarding generating GP of Rs. 1,26,518

    Dhaval Bhatt, Consultant, HR Operations Dhaval Bhatt released offer letters for 288 new joiners for Ericsson and effectively managed to close this at a short notice.

    Sunil Kumar Tiwari, Associate Consultant Sunil from Hyderabad branch successfully did 4 placements generating GP of Rs. 7.5 Lakhs.

    Shruti Sushilendra, Talent Acquisition Specialist Shruti from Hyderabad branch effectively did 17 placements for the month of April.

  • LetsConnect A ManpowerGroup India Communique

    May 2013


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