LESSON 1 ISLAM AND AL-ANDALUS. FIVE MINUTES to READ pages Introduction and 1.1

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LESSON 1 ISLAM AND AL-ANDALUS Slide 2 FIVE MINUTES to READ pages Introduction and 1.1. Slide 3 VOCABULARY Monotheism monotesmo: they believe there is only ONE God. Prophet profeta Muslims for them Allah is their God and Muhammad (Mahoma) is his Prophet Nomad rancher ganaderos nmadas Widow viuda Iberian Peninsula Slide 4 MAIN DATES 570 A.C. Muhammad was born in Mecca 610 A.C. Arcangel Gabriel appears and tells Muhammad he will be the prophet of a new religion, Islam 622 A.C. Hegira or the moment in which Muhammad has to scape from Mecca and go to Medina. The Islamic calendar begins now 630 A.C. Muhammad conquers Mecca 632 A.C. Muhammad dies Slide 5 1.1. The Rise of Islam 1.1.1. Muhammad, Prophet of Islam In Arabia, a desert peninsula, there were Jews (judos), Christians (cristianos) and polytheists They worked as caravans, nomads rancher and agricultures In Mecca, the main religious center, they had the Kaaba, a black stone, maybe a meteorite and they thought it was magic continues Slide 6 1.1. The Rise of Islam (continuation) Muhammad was born in 570 and soon he became orphaned (hurfano). He got married a rich widow He used to pray alone, in a cave When he was forty, arcangel Gabriel appeared and told him that he was going to be the prophet of a new religion, Islam Slide 7 1.1. The Rise of Islam 1.1.2. Hegira (escape or runaway) Islam wasnt accepted easily in Mecca and they fought against Muhammad Muhammad had to scape and leave Mecca and took refuge in Medina. This happened in 622 and its called Hgira. Its the beginning of the Islamic era. They dont live in 2011 continues Slide 8 1.1. The Rise of Islam (continuation) Muhammad got Medina became first islamic city and with these soldiers he fought against Mecca and in 630 he could enter Mecca as conqueror. The firts thing he did was destroy the old idols. When he died, in 632, all Arabia was Muslim Slide 9 1.1. The Rise of Islam The Holy Places of Islam Kaaba, a cubic monument that protects a black stone. This religious place exists before Muhammad. Now, to visit Kaaba is a Muslim ritual. Medina, the place in which Muhammad had to refuge during Hegira. In this city, Muslims built the first mosque (mezquita) Slide 10 Links and photos http://elartedelahistoria.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/la-kaaba- y-la-piedra-negra/ http://www.missionislam.com/knowledge/kaaba.htm Slide 11 ACTIVITIES Who were Arabian people? What religion they had? Who was Muhammad? Tell FIVE things about his life Put in order: Hegira, Muhammad birth, Kaaba, Muhammad death, first mosque, arcangel Gabriel