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  • LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER Carolyn C. Oakley, Director
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  • MISSION The mission of the LRC is to support the mission of the college and to enhance the teaching/learning process through provision of adequate, up-to-date resource collections in formats consistent with prevailing technologies; provision of access to the collections of other libraries; to promote user- directed electronic database searching; to provide instruction in the use of resources to enable users to function in an information-driven society; and to promote lifelong learning opportunities.
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  • PLANNING Bi-weekly staff meetings within each section Monthly meetings of Director and section coordinators Departmental meetings each semester
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  • EVALUATIONS Annual faculty/staff and student LRC surveys Annual Graduate surveys Biannual CFCC Faculty/Staff Surveys
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  • NCCCS Performance Measures The NCCCS Performance Measure that deals with LRC services is the percentage of college LRCs meeting the ACRL Standards for Community, Junior, and Technical College Learning Resource Programs.
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  • NCCC LRCs are ranked by FTE and then by rank for each standard: Excellent Level Minimum Level Below Standard
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  • Standards used by NCCCS to rank LRCs: Number of book titles Number of serial subscriptions Expenditures per FTE minus salaries Number of library staff Square footage
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  • ACRL RANK BOOKS BOOKSSERIALSEXPENDSTAFF SQ FT SQ FT EXCELLENT112,0001,000 9% 9% 33 33 33221 33221 MINIMUM 80,000 80,000 700 700 6% 6% 21 2122140 CFCC1999-2000 33,531 33,531 720 720 4.5% 4.5% 13 1318212 CFCC2000-2001 36,878 36,878 721 721 4.5% 4.5% 14 1418212 CFCC2001-2002 40,655 40,655 764 764 4.6% 4.6% 16 1618212 CFCC2002-2003 44,090 44,090 793 793 4.3% 4.3% 17 1724784 CFCC2003-2004 47,761 47,761 807 807 4.1% 4.1% 17 1724764
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  • CFCC RANKINGS IN NCCCS 2003-2004 2nd in total LRC Budget $1.15m 3rd in library book funds $150,788 1 st in serial subscriptions 807 5 th in students per week 8127 12 th in hours open per week 67.5 14 th in audiovisual titles 5616 19 th in total library books 47,761
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  • CUSTOMERS Our customers are the students, faculty, staff and adult community residents of New Hanover and Pender counties.
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  • LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER Planning Units Library Media Center Technology Training Center North Campus LRC
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  • LIBRARY The purpose of the library is to provide print, audiovisual and electronic resources; provide easy access to these resources and the resources of other libraries; provide instruction in the use of these resources; and promote lifelong learning opportunities.
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  • MEDIA CENTER The purpose of the Media Center is to provide the media services and equipment necessary to support the teaching/learning mission of the College.
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  • TECHNOLOGY TRAINING CENTER The purpose of the Technology Training Center is to provide the professional development activities needed by the faculty and staff of the College to meet their personal, professional and technological training needs.
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  • NORTH CAMPUS LRC The purpose of the North Campus LRC is to provide library, media and the technology services appropriate for the faculty, staff and students of the North Campus.
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  • Major Accomplishments for 2004-2005
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  • LIBRARY Reference Circulation Technical Services
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  • REFERENCE Developed a new LRC web page with enhancements to include new up-to-date look, accessibility (ADA compliant), curriculum specific subject guides and portals for distance learning, traditional students and faculty and staff.
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  • REFERENCE Published in-house LRC newsletter each semester.
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  • REFERENCE Worked with UNC-W, New Hanover High School and NHCPL in offering the One Book One Community program featuring Dana Sachs The House on Dream Street.
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  • REFERENCE Established an informal librarian- faculty liaison program to communicate information regarding library resources and services and to facilitate a more effective response to the research and reading needs of faculty and students. (Goal 1)
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  • CIRCULATION Began the collection and organization of CFCC Archival Documents and scrapbooks tracing the history of the college from July 1, 1963. (Goal 12)
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  • TECHNICAL SERVICES Completed the weeding and reclassification of the Dewey Collection at the Downtown Campus. (Goal 4) Began online check-in of serials for the North Campus. (Goal 4)
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  • MEDIA CENTER Completed the installation of Smart technology in all classrooms needed at Wilmington Campus. (Goal 4)
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  • MEDIA CENTER Completed the training for all Media Center staff on the Video on Demand system at North Campus. (Goal 4)
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  • MEDIA CENTER Installed the Virtual Stage computer software for the Television Studio.
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  • MEDIA CENTER Completed the guidelines for the utilization and scheduling of the Television Studio services.
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  • TECHNOLOGY TRAINING CENTER Coordinated in-service technical training initiative with other professional development activities for faculty and staff with input from Distance Learning, Computer Services, Personnel, Learning Lab, Continuing Education and the Professional Development Committee. (Goal 3)
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  • TECHNOLOGY TRAINING CENTER Expanded the in-service training program by increasing the number of classes offered based on recommendations from faculty and staff. Included classes on Office Suite, Groupwise, Blackboard, Campus Cruiser, Web Design, and Colleague. (Goal 3)
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  • NORTH CAMPUS LRC Increased the library print collection by 7% to better reflect the curriculum programs of the North Campus and the general education offerings of these programs. (Goal 4)
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  • LRC Objectives for 2005- 2006 LRC Objectives for 2005- 2006
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  • LIBRARY Improve student literacy skills through enhanced library instruction classes. Actively market library collections and services to students, faculty, staff and the community. Improve quality and consistency of reference service delivery.
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  • LIBRARY Foster a positive public image of the LRC through in-service training and enhanced communication with faculty, students and staff.
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  • MEDIA CENTER Provide access to up-to-date educational technology through expanding the Video-on- Demand system at the North Campus to include the Applied Technologies building. Provide access to up-to date educational technology through the Smart Technologies equipment at the Wilmington Campus.
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  • MEDIA CENTER Utilize the Television Studio through expanded TLC offerings and the promotion of CFCC curriculum programs and features.
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  • TECHNOLOGY TRAINING CENTER Incorporate the appropriate use of technology for faculty and staff and provide training in accessing and applying the technology in the Technology Training Center.
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  • NORTH CAMPUS LRC Provide library, media and technology services to the students, faculty and staff at the North Campus. Expand the book, periodical, microforms and electronic collections to support the programs moving to the Applied Technologies building in Fall, 2005.
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