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Learn Trick Photography and Special Effects Photography is more than just snapping pictures, it is a recognized art form that harnesses the creative expression of the photographer. While anyone can take a picture, only someone who understands the tools and resources available to the photographer can get the most out of their work. In fact, learning about trick photography and special effects can not only increase your repertoire in terms of your knowledge base, it can also expand your talents and raise your skill levels when it comes to photography. Today, there is a new eBook available that will teach you all the basics of expanding your photographic skills by incorporating proven and powerful techniques. This new eBook is appropriately titled, Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau What is Trick Photography and Special Effects? Put simply, Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau is the eBook that provides all the information necessary to create stunning, beautiful images and wonderful special effects. This eBook is designed to teach you the basics and provide new techniques in many different areas, including; Long Exposure Light Painting How to Create In-Camera Illusions 3D & High Speed Photography Bubbles, Smoke and Double Exposure HDR & Infrared Photography Creating Panoramas & Creative Compositions Time Displacement Layer Mask, Levitation & Multiplicity Photography Invisible Man The Harris Shutter and Droste Effect Mixing Day & Night and Much, Much More All of these elements are taught in the Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook and more. Plus, the layout of each technique is accompanied by plenty of photographs, graphs and simple text so you can quickly pick them up. The purpose of this eBook is to provide you with the basics and the tools needed to create wonderful photographs and to get the most out of your camera. How Can You Improve your Photographic Skills and Abilities with this Resource? There are a number of ways that this eBook can improve the natural skills and talents already inside you. While anyone can become a great photographer, only those who understand and apply the techniques and tricks of this profession can truly excel. Learn New Techniques: In this eBook, you will learn some of the basic and advanced techniques that can not only improve your skills, but expand the way you view photography. The techniques that are presented here have actually been around for a while, but not that many photographers take advantage of them. Bolster Your Imagination: If there is any one thing that holds a photographer back, it is the inability to tap into their imagination and come up with a new perspective or way of shooting a particular shot. This eBook can overcome that tendency and help you to release the talents inside you. The In-Camera Special Effects Techniques The simple techniques that are presented in this book can provide you with an entirely new perspective on how to shoot simple scenes. You can use many of these techniques to create entirely new types of photographs for your portfolio. What follows are examples of photographic tricks that can be done in camera and without any assistance from editing software such as Photoshop. Forced perspective shots for example, where two objects of vastly different size can appear to be next to each other is somewhat difficult to realistically achieve unless you know a few tricks. For example; Set the aperture to the lowest possible setting as the amount of light entering the camera will positively affect the depth of field, meaning that youll achieve a more realistic effect. Upside Down Reflections can also be difficult to achieve as most people make a few simple mistakes that dont get the right effect. Be sure to focus to on the reflection and not the object when taking the picture. Also, you can experiment by disrupting the reflection. For example, you can toss a rock into the water if that is the reflecting surface. A Shadow Heart trick can be performed with a simple ring, an open book and a light source from behind. If you set the ring upright in an open book in the crevasse between each side , the light source will create a shadow ring on the paper. The Unscrewed Light bulb is a great photographic trick that can be performed with a simple, incandescent bulb that is frosted and a small light source behind the bulb itself. When you take a photograph of the bulb with a smaller light source, such as an LED or even a small flashlight, behind it, the bulb will appear to be on even though it is unattached to any power source. Such simple, yet effective tricks are only a small part of the information presented in this book. You can learn a great deal about how to create new types of images from your imagination thanks to the building blocks of information inside this book. Perhaps just as important as the information presented in this eBook is how it encourages you to continue exploring for new techniques in photography. One way to bolster your interests is by joining a mailing list that provides new lessons, tricks and information that is being shared by photographers around the world. Here is just one of the many informative mailing list resources (www.blog.sgeastphoto.com) you can use to provide valuable ideas and information about trick photography and special effects. Why You Should Buy Trick Photography and Special EffectsWhether you are an experienced photographer looking to expand your base of knowledge or are just beginning in the field, you owe it to yourself to get this resource. Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau will provide you what everything needed to enhance your artistic abilities and increase your base of knowledge when it comes to improving your photographic abilities.For more information about this great product, please visit this website, www.sgeastphoto.com. Buy this valuable resource today and reap the benefits of this most exciting form of expression.


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