Leading In Uncertain Times!

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Never before in th history of corporate America is there been a need for a new breed of leadership. We need to get back to the basics of Integrity, Honesty and putting others before self.


<ul><li> Leading In Uncertain Times! A New Breed Of Leader As Servant! </li> <li> Calling All Leaders! Challenging Times Economic Unrest Global Instability Fear In The Market Place Unemployment All Time High Bail Out Mania </li> <li> Lessons From The Past A Generation Of Self Promoting Wall Street To Main Street- IPO Get In - Get Out Mind Set Media- Have It Your Way </li> <li> Plenty Of Examples: Enron WorldCom Our Government Banks </li> <li> Mantra Of The Past Win At All Costs Do Not Honor Contracts DO Not Stand By Your Word Situational Ethics Most of us plateau when we lose the tension between where we are and where we ought to be John Gardner </li> <li> New Breed Of Leader Promotes Others Over Self Gives Credit To Team Members For Success Takes Full Responsibility Of Failures Views His Or Her Self As A Servant To The Team Or Organization First On The Field and Last Off </li> <li> Example Of Good Leadership Darwin Smith CEO Of Kimberly Clark for 20 years. Blended Extreme Personal Humility With Intense Personal Will. Gave Credit To Team For Success Took Responsibility For Failures From Good To Great, Jim Collins </li> <li> Attributes Of Servant Leaders Excellent Communicators Trust - Open Communication Fosters Trust. Be Candid With Kindness Be Quick - Do Not Let Issues Fester. Be Inclusive - Do Not Hoard Information </li> <li> Attributes Of Servant Leaders Collaborators - All Your Strength Is In Union See Team Mates As Collaborators Not Competitors. Are Supportive Not Suspicious Focus On Team Not Self </li> <li> Attributes Of Servant Leaders! Committed - The harder you work the harder it is to surrender. Vince Lombardi Commitment Comes As A Choice Commitment Lasts When Tied To Values Commitment Has Nothing To Do With Abilities </li> <li> Attributes Of Servant Leaders! Highly Competent Can Pick Exceptional Talent Committed To Excellence Never Settle For Average Pay Attention To Detail Perform Consistently </li> <li> Example From Len Turn Around Software Company In Silicon Valley New Management Team Re- Engineer Challenge Hold Ground Drive Into New Markets/New Products From $1.18 to $18.00 per/share/1 yr. </li> <li> Real World Results! From $1.18 to $18.00 per/share/1 yr. Communicate, Communicate Frequent Fun Outings Reward For Performance Create Incentives For All Employees Model Behavior Desired Keep The Best Training Open The BOOKs??? </li> <li> Tips For Servant Leaders! Be Prepared For Change Embrace It Perception Does Matter Do Not Force It Set Clear Specific Objectives The What Let Line Management Set The How- Stay Close Define and Listen Seek To Understand Set The Tone Open The Books? Focus On The Future </li> <li> How Will The Leader Stay On Top! Few Leaders Are Successful Unless A Lot OF People Want You To Be. John Maxwell You Can Not Help Someone Up A Hill Without Getting Closer To The Top Yourself. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf </li> <li> In Conclusion Get Back To The Basics Golden Rule Win/ Win Unselfish Be A Giver Communicate Good, Bad, Ugly Collaboration Builds Trust </li> <li> Len Strickler Seminars Breaking Through The Barriers! Thank You For Your Time! If You Would Like A Copy Of My New Co-Authored Book :The Power Of Leadership: Being The Leader and Producing Results and a free E-Book On 10 Steps To Leadership Go To www.breakingthroughthebarriersnow. com/leadership.html </li> <li> Other Attributes Of Servant Leaders! Adaptable Dependable Disciplined Enthusiastic Prepared Self- Improving Relational Selfless Tenacious </li> <li> The Purpose Of Life The purpose of life is not to win. The purpose of life is to grow and to share. When you have come to look back on all you have done in life, you will get more satisfaction from the pleasure you have brought to other peoples lives that you will from the times that you outdid or defeated them. Rabbi H. Kushner Servant Leaders Will Not Only Increase Company Profits But Will Teach The Next Generation To Lead As A Servant. They Will Have Satisfied Customers, Retain Good Talent, And Increase Profitability. </li> <li> Continuous Learning 20-30x ROI on Training </li> <li> Margin of Success </li> </ul>