language practice i am visiting my friends. he isn’t writing a postcard. is she enjoying her visit...

Download Language practice I am visiting my friends. He isn’t writing a postcard. Is she enjoying her visit ? Are they buying postcards?

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  • Language practice

    I am visiting my friends.He isnt writing a postcard. Is she enjoying her visit ?Are they buying postcards?

  • Part 2, page 6 are you doing are visiting are writing is Daming doing is taking are enjoying are looking

    (8) are having (9) Are listening (10) are having

  • Part 3, page 6

    are playingarent playingisnt watchingis playing on

  • Part 4, page 7enjoying a ballet watching a ballet buying a bus/ train driving a bus taking a bus waiting for a busdrinking coffee/having a drink in a pub eating a hot dog / shopping for presents saying good night calling her mother calling home leaving home eating in a restaurant/ lying in the sun

  • having lunch talking on the phonetaking photos buying postcards writing postcards leaving the officehaving the school trip going to sleep going to the opera

  • .Talk about the picturesShe is skiing.Is the woman swimming? No, she isnt. What is the woman doing?

  • They are singing.Are they dancing?No,they arent.What are they doing?

  • II. Ask questions (wear and put on)wear put on

  • Questions1.What is she wearing? LucyLily

  • Correct the sentences1.I cleaning the house now.2.He is listen to me. 3.He is writeing.4.They are runing.I am cleaning the house now.He is listening to me.He is writing.They are running.

  • GrammerThe Present Continuous Tense 1.),is,are)+doing3. be(am,is,are)+not+doing 4.Be(Am,Is,Are)++doing

  • QuestionI am coming. ** e.g: leave, start, begin, go, come:The train is leaving/arriving.Im going (coming). The film is starting