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<ul><li><p>Landscape Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 3</p><p>Landscape Photography Tips And Techniques Part 3</p><p>Todays photo tip is the third and last in our review of landscape photography tips andtechniques. If you combine this one with the last two, you WILL be Light years ahead of yourlocal photo competition!</p><p>I challenge you to try USING these landscape photography tips and techniques this weekend,and prove me wrong!</p><p>This article (like the last two) is a review of landscape photography tips and techniques Ivecovered before. Have you wondered why Im going over previously tread ground? There areseveral reasons.</p><p>First I wanted to have all these landscape photography tips and techniques listed together soyou can more easily make a checklist. I hope youve done that, in the excitement of themoment, its easy to forget important and rather obvious techniques.</p><p>Im reminded of a caution I once heard If you are about to fly somewhere in an airplane would you rather hear that the wings were designed by an engineer who remembered themathematical stress formulas or one who looked them up!</p><p>Second Its good to review from time to time because statistically, only about 15% (or fewer)of you will read any particular article I write. So actually, this is new material for 85% of you!</p><p>Third I keep repeating the important points because There is a story about a preacher hewasnt a dynamic speaker, but he did OK. One Sunday he did a fire and brimstone sermon thatgot a lot of favorable comments from the parishioners as they left the church.</p><p>The next Sunday, he did exactly the same sermon! Word for word!</p><p>This drew some quizzical looks, but no one mentioned it to him.</p><p>The next Sunday he did the same sermon word for word again! And the next and the next!</p><p>Finally, thinking he was losing his mind, someone asked him if he was aware that he was doingthe same sermon over and over.</p><p>He said that he was well aware of what he was doing, and he intended to keep doing the samesermon until his parishioners started following the advice!</p><p>How can I dispute that!</p><p>Speaking of following my advice, in over 100 articles Ive asked you to get one or more of my</p><p> 1 / 3</p></li><li><p>On Target Photo Training bundles. Have you done it? They cost less than a pizza!</p><p>Enough said here are todays landscape photography tips:</p><p>Use photo filters!</p><p>Photoshop has the ability to do remarkable things, but there are limitations. Stop trying to fix itin Photoshop. Get it right in the Camera and use PS to do some minor tweaks.</p><p>First, make sure you have a circular polarizing filter for each of your Lenses. This eliminatesglare and polarizes light. What this means is that you will get far more intense and saturatedcolors and the clouds in the sky will POP.</p><p>Next have a selection of neutral density filters. At least have ones that will give you 1, 2 and 3extra stops. More if you can afford them. There are tons of uses for them, but getting that silky cotton candy effect in flowing rivers and waterfalls is the most common. You WILL want to dothis be ready.</p><p>Finally add a couple graduated neutral density filters. This will help with your sunrise and sunsetphotos where the ground and the sky have dramatically different light levels.</p><p>Consider getting some colored graduated filters too! I recommend at least having a tobaccocolored one. It is the most popular to add or intensify sunset colors.</p><p>When you are shooting, dont forget to turn around and look behind you! Sometimes we get sointensely focused on what we are seeing, we totally miss shots that are even better!</p><p>Try finding an attractive foreground element (or a person) and do a silhouette. They can be verystriking and almost everyone likes them. Be careful that you keep the shape simple and that itdoesnt blend with others. It has to immediately read! If your viewer has to try to figure outwhat your silhouette is, you have failed.</p><p>Lastly, consider time lapse and HDR. Will the scene in front of you lend themselves to thesetechniques?</p><p>Im sure Ive missed a few landscape photography tips and techniques but if you take the onesin this and my last two articles, combine them into a laminated checklist, and FOLLOW it YouWILL start winning photo contests.</p><p>If this daily tip was a nice review of what you already knew GREAT! If it taught you something you need my On Target Photo Training course. All of it, right now!</p><p></p><p>Dan</p><p> 2 / 3</p></li><li><p>P.S. I can open the door, but YOU have to walk through!</p><p></p><p>Powered by TCPDF (</p><p> 3 / 3</p><p></p></li></ul>