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When you want the very best in San Diego kitchen remodeling, turn to Best San Diego Kitchens. We help you design your dream kitchen from the ground up, and offer you many different options for your cabinet selection, from custom kitchen cabinets, to modular cabinets to cabinet refacing. Let


  • Kitchen Remodeling and Kitchen Renovation In San Diego

    Live in the San Diego area?

    Thinking of remodeling or renovating your kitchen?

    Here are some tips for you on how to begin and what your choices are for turning your existing kitchen into your dream kitchen.

    Designing Your New San Diego Kitchen

    One of the toughest things about getting that new kitchen you want is figuring out what you want, and what you can afford. It begins with a carefully thought out plan that includes not only how you want your new kitchen to look, but also realizing what your budget is.

    What can you afford for that wonderful new cooking and family space?

    This is where we can help you. We encourage our clients to bring their ideas, drawings, sketches and pictures to us so we can truly design the kitchen of your dreams.

    There is so much to think about when undertaking a project like this.

    Cabinet styles, woods and finishes, hardware, counter tops and flooring can all become so confusing you end up not knowing which choices to make. Let us walk you through the process, determine your budget and then determine exactly what you want in your dream kitchen.

    Share your vision with us, and let us take it from there to relieve you of the headache.

    As kitchen designers San Diego this is what we do for a living. Let us do what we do best and you can enjoy the results.

    San Diego Kitchen Cabinet Options

    You basically have 3 options when choosing your new kitchen cabinets. Here they are.

    Custom Kitchen Cabinets San Diego: The very best, but also the most expensive. We also believe in offering high quality at an affordable price.

    Many cabinet makers use particle board, melamine and MDF (material density fiber) on areas that do not show. This seems to be the trend as raw materials get more expensiveadjust the quality downward by using cheaper materials.

    Let's start with the construction. Our custom cabinets San Diego are built using only 3/4" cabinet grade plywood as the base. Many cabinets these days use 5/8" standard plywood or even something less. We have seen many cabinet makers using particle board, melamine and MDF (material density fiber) on areas that do not show. This seems to be the trend as raw materials get more expensiveadjust the quality downward by using cheaper materials.

  • We build our kitchen cabinets to last a lifetime by using only the best quality materials.

    The casework is edge banded with solids wood (same as the door material). There are hundreds of doors to choose from and can be customized to your liking from dozens of different types of woods. What sets these cabinets apart, is their amazing finish. We can accommodate different stains, glazes, accents, or distressing all custom made to your liking. For the highest quality in custom kitchen cabinets, choose the custom cabinet option.

    Beautiful Custom San Diego Kitchen Cabinets From Best San Diego Kitchens

    Modular Cabinets San Diego: Modular cabinets, also known as Ready To Assemble (RTA) Cabinets, are cabinets already constructed available in many different configurations so that all you have to do is pick the pieces or arrangements you like and have them installed for you.

    However, not all modular cabinets are created equally. Many we have seen are basically Styrofoam with veneers glued to them and won't last past a couple of years.

    You won't find that here.

    Featuring finished interiors, our modular cabinets are made out of 5/8 cabinet grade plywood. No cheap stuff used here.The sizes are semi-custom. Drawer boxes are 5/8 ply with 3/4 extension standard guides. We offer 18 styles of cabinets. The cabinets are very good quality for modular RTAs and the price is perfect for the lower budgets that want a great combination of quality and price.

  • The cabinetry is not constructed with showing cam locks (like most). This allows the interior to look much nicer. With many colors and available door styles our high quality modulars would be a great choice for those on a lower budget.

    Modular San Diego Kitchen Cabinets from Best San Diego Kitchens

    Cabinet Refacing San Diego: Cabinet Refacing is the art of making your old cabinets look brand new. Cabinet refacing also offers you an affordable, easy and efficient way to boost your homes value and still get that dream kitchen your wife is longing for. You can save as much as 40% of the cost of custom cabinets by just refacing your existing cabinets. Add new hardware, drawer fronts, change cabinet color and presto your brand new designer kitchen is waiting for you.Let our kitchen renovation specialist share the many different options available with our cabinet refacing and lets plan your new kitchen today.Change the look of your kitchen almost instantly with a wide variety of styles and finishes, quickly and affordably.

  • Cabinet Refacing San Diego From Best San Diego Kitchens

    There you have it. From kitchen design to finished product, the choice is yours. If you live in the San Diego area and are considering kitchen remodeling San Diego or kitchen renovation San Diego, you need look no further for excellence in craftsmanship than Best San Diego Kitchens. Contact us today for your free quote on your dream kitchen.

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