kazakhstan mountaineering

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Kazakhstan mountaineering


  • The Voice of Mountains, Wisdom of Answering, Mountaineering in Tian Shan Region

  • The mountain is yelling my name!! She expends my precious life and limits.Offering the key for me explore my dreamland into the wild by my skills and equipments.Set me limits to no limit and encourage by freedom of mountains.I am answering your calling, Mountaineering.

    -Wilson Cheung

    Photo by Szymon Girtler

  • Death hard buddy: Szymon Girtler

    Thanks ! my dear Szymon ! We went to explore the Tian Shan by Alpine style. Lovely. He is a skiing instructor in Poland. Skillful and strong. And, his photographing withTop- canon Camera was wonderful. It is my honor to be his buddy to explore the mountain of Tian Shan.

  • * 3 times Trekking * 3 t i m e s Mountaineering* 1 t i m e s 3 d a y s -backpacking

  • The First Trip

    I bought ten maps about Tian Shan. Setting up my

    GPS and Gearing up my equipments explored the

    Region. Taking a billion of Photo and notes draft

    the next mountaineering Trip.

  • Moon Walker.

    3days trekked to Kyrgyzstan. Walking the icy rock, the feeling of exploring moon.

  • Dancing on the dragon of mountains

  • S z y m o n Girtler

  • Cheung Wai YinWilson

  • The real Voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

    ~Marcel Proust

  • My eyes

    have not only unlimited

    mountains, but also

    pure snow.

  • (c) Copyright by Wilson Cheung. All Rights Reserved.

    Wilson Cheung


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