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Judging Meat Goats. Principals of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Made By: Mr. Michael Baca Edited By: Charolette Atkinson. Objective. Discuss and Identify techniques of judging meat goats. Slide 1. Steps to Judging Meat Goats. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Judging Meat Goats

Principals of Agriculture, Food, and Natural ResourcesMade By: Mr. Michael BacaEdited By: Charolette AtkinsonObjectiveDiscuss and Identify techniques of judging meat goats.2

Steps to Judging Meat Goats1. Evaluate goats from the ground up and from the rump (rear) forward2. Rank the traits for their importance3. Evaluate the most important traits first4. Eliminate any easy placings in the class5. Place the class based on the volume of the important traitsSlide 1Ranking of Traits for Meat Goats1. Degree of muscling2. Structural correctness3. Degree of finish (fat cover)4. Capacity5. Balance6. Style7. FreshnessSlide 2

Evaluating Degree of MusclingDegree of muscling in meat goats is best determined by evaluating:Slide 31. Thickness through the center of the leg2. Width between rear feet when the goat stands or walks3. Width, thickness, and length of the loin

Evaluating Degree of MusclingSlide 4Also compare length of hind saddle to that of front saddleHind SaddleFront SaddleHind saddle should be at least as long as front saddleEvaluating Degree of MusclingSlide 5





Evaluating Structural CorrectnessLevel toppedStraight kneeStrong pasterns160 degree hock angleSlide 6Excellent StructureEvaluating FinishSlide 7Meat goats should be trim and lean, but should also have bloom.

Lean, but unthriftyTrim with bloom

Evaluating CapacityCapacity in meat goats refers to the combined volume of: 1. Body width (open rib shape, base width) 2. Body depth 3. Body lengthSlide 8

Evaluating CapacityNarrow width (flat ribbed)Slide 9Wide and open ribbed

Evaluating CapacitySlide 10Shallow BodiedDeep Bodied

Evaluating Capacity

Short BodiedSlide 11

Long BodiedEvaluating BalanceBalance in meat goats refers to having the correct proportions of: 1. Body width 2. Body depth 3. Body lengthSlide 12Evaluating Balance

Unbalanced AlertSlide 13Narrow body widthShallow body depthShort bodiedEvaluating BalanceNicelyBalancedSlide 14

Good body widthGood depth of bodyGood length of bodyEvaluating StyleA meat goat with style will exhibit the following: 1. A long, level top line 2. A long neck that sits high on the shoulders 3. A clean breast 4. A smooth, neat shoulder that blends smoothly from the neck to fore ribSlide 15Evaluating StyleSlide 16

Excellent StyleLong, level top lineLong neck sitting high on the shouldersClean breastSmooth shoulder blending nicely from neck to foreribsEvaluating FreshnessFreshness in meat goats refers to having: 1. An appearance of being healthy (not unthrifty) 2. A smooth, slick haircoatSlide 17Evaluating FreshnessSlide 18

Im notvery fresh appearingEvaluating FreshnessSlide 19

Fresh ismy middle nameExample Meat Goat Judging ClassSlide 20Slide 21

Official Placing: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Cuts: 2 - 4 - 62134ObjectivesDiscuss and Identify techniques of judging meat goats.



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