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  1. 1. John Lawrence Bell V (925) 783-8620 UCSD Student, 2015
  2. 2. 1993 I was born and raised in the East Bay Area
  3. 3. hike golf play music read spend time with friends and family Some things I like to do: homebrew
  4. 4. 2011 In 2011, I began my college career close to home
  5. 5. I earned my A.A. in Political Science at Diablo Valley Community College I was a co- founder of the DVC Sociology Club I participated in the DVC Model UN
  6. 6. 2013 With acceptances to UC Berkeley, Irvine, and San Diego, I ultimately chose to study at the beautiful UCSD
  7. 7. 2014 At UCSD: I have a 3.8 GPA with Provosts Honors during three quarters My class rank is currently in the top 10% I am currently the Director of Strategy at UCSD Adwave, a chapter of the American Advertising Federation
  8. 8. During my time as a college student, I have had jobs as a lifeguard a cashier at Sports Authority a sales associate at Vector Marketing a golf cart attendant a mail carrier an ADA Transport driver at UCSD
  9. 9. After deciding grad school in Political Science might not be for me, I began to pursue internships After dozens of unanswered resumes and cover letters, I was nally given the opportunity to embark on my rst internship as a Special Events Coordinator During this time, I found my love for marketing, and plan to pursue it as a career I plan on applying within the next year to Northwesterns online programs, Integrated Marketing Communications and MS in Predictive Analytics
  10. 10. 2014 My Junior year was spent as a Special Events Coordinator for The Law Ofces of Mark L. Miller The main event drew 25% more people than in years prior
  11. 11. Now, I am spending my Senior year as the Director of Strategy at UCSD Adwave We have created a marketing campaign designed to raise online sales more than 30% at Pizza Hut As Director of Strategy, I have lead my team to nd the big idea of the campaign by rst determining the target demographics Then, we conducted qualitative and quantitative research in order to develop the direction of the campaign
  12. 12. To build some last minute skills, I will be a Marketing Intern during my last quarter and work on small digital campaigns while utilizing Google Analytics I am also currently enrolled in Stanfords online public course, Introduction and Relational Databases, and IT Universitys SQL certication course And, I am enrolled in Codecademys introductory HTML & CSS course
  13. 13. I have learned many analytical skills during my time as a student But, I have also learned a lot about
  14. 14. People I have learned a lot about why people do what they do from my time as a socialscience student in marketing and from my work experience
  15. 15. People Learning about people has been the most important (and my favorite) part of my development It allows me to be successful in marketing, sales, communication, team work, and much more Most importantly, it helps me build relationships with clients, customers, colleagues, and friends
  16. 16. I graduate in June, 2015. I am preferably searching for a Marketing Analyst position But, I am also interested in the areas of analytics, sales, public relations, management development, and event planning
  17. 17. Please feel free to contact me at (925) 783-8620 or Thank you for your time


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