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Information compiled for a conceptual plan for an expatriate of a company going to South Africa (Joburg specifically) -- advice for living & working in Joburg.


  • Johannesburg, South Africa

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  • Basics about Joburg

  • Jozi, Joburg, Jhb

    Largest city in South Africa, by population

    One of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the world

    Source of large-scale gold and diamond trade

    Population: 3.8 million

    Black 48.74%

    White 22.92%

    Coloured 17.11%

    Asian 11.23%

    Basics about Joburg

  • Working in Joburg

  • Hierarchy & Power Distance

  • Personal Interactions & Trust

  • Living in Joburg

  • Official LanguagesEnglish Afrikaans

    Zulu Xhosa

    Tswana Tsonga

    Sotho Northern Sotho

    Swati Venda

    Southern Ndebele

  • Slang & SimilarRobot Lift

    Braai SMS

    Lekker Eish

    Howzit? Torch

    Now now / Just now Brah / Broe

    Shame Lekka Chow

  • Living in JohannesburgScheduled (and unscheduled) power outages

    Water out of tap is safe to drink

    Getting around Johannesburg

    Costs of Living: Similar to the United States

    Education: Public schools are a mess

  • Hamba Kahle


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