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My Jetta Your styleAccessories3 2 The accessories featured within this brochure are suitable for the most recent model year, however some roducts moy be suitob|e Ior revious mode|s. P|eose osk o member oI sto Ior more detoi|s.Sport & Styling Front spoiler, side skirt setAlloysAlloy wheels, wheel bolt locking set, alloy wheel bag setTechnology Radio and navigation systems, hands-free systems, iPod adapterChild SeatsComfort & ProtectionMudflaps, wind deflectors, carpet mats, loadlinersService & CareCare and cleaning aids, paint protection, screenwash4814263036TouringTowbar, bicycle carrier, cool/warm box, safety kit18Make the Jetta your own Make the Jetta truly yours with our range of accessories, carefully selected and grouped logically together to make choosing accessories as easy as possible. Our range comes in three categories: Volkswagen Genuine, Volkswagen Approved and Volkswagen Commercial. Most of our range comprises of Genuine Accessories developed in Germany and designed to integrate with your vehicle. Our otherproducts are sourced from market leading manufacturers, specifically to meet your needs and offer you a wider choice.For information on the warranty cover for all our accessories, please refer to the back of this brochure. At Volkswagen we believe in clear, honest pricing which is why weve quoted fullyfitted prices, wherever we can. Why not ask a member of staff today about how to really make your Jetta your own by using Volkswagen Accessories.1be cors sbown in tbis brocbure ore sometimes ictured witb odditiono| occessories ond/or secio| bttings. 1bese ore not su|ied in tbe de|ivery secibcotion oI tbe roduct described, wbicbo|so o|ies to ony decor e|ements sbown.Lifestyle385 4Sport & StylingDetoi|s moke o|| tbe dierence.Add detail that will transform your Jettas appearance from classic to sporty. Your Jetta already comes with enviable design and solid build quality. But now you can enhance it further and make a statement with our range of styling accessories. Sport & StylingVolkswagen Genuine Front spoilerOur aerodynamically designed front spoiler is a sportyaddition to your Jetta. Made of a durable, high qualityplastic, the spoiler is primed and ready to be painted in the colour specification of your car. Price excludes painting and fitting.Volkswagen Genuine Exhaust trimThese fully chrome plated exhaust trims add a stylish and sporty touch, this twin pipe design is the perfect finishing touch to the vehicle.Part number 5C5 071 609 GRU 245.00Volkswagen Genuine Side skirt setThe side skirts give a visual impression of suspension lowering and therefore provide the Jetta with an even more dynamic look. Made of unbreakable and flexible plastic, the side skirts are also able to resist high stress.Price excludes painting and fitting.Part number 5C5 071 685 GRU 356.0076mm twin pipePart number 5C5 071 911 A 98.00Volkswagen Genuine Tailgate spoilerThe rear lid spoiler is easy to attach to the Jettas tailgate in just a few steps. This gives it an even sportier look and even better aerodynamics in just a matter of moments.Price excludes painting and fitting.Part number 5C5 071 641 GRU 195.00Prices ore Iu||y btted.(Wbere btting o|ies, un|ess otherwise stated.)7 6Sport & StylingVolkswagen Genuine Pedal cap setAdd a sporty look and a touch of style to your Jetta with this high quality, brushed stainless steel pedal cap set. A rubber coating on the surface ensures more grip.Volkswagen Genuine Door sill trim - steelThese elegant, high quality treadplates protect yourJetta against scratches when you get in and out. For five-door, four treadplates.Volkswagen Genuine Rear chrome stripThis rear strip, in a high gloss chrome look, is an eye-catching and effective way to protect your boot edges. Whats more, it requires no drilling to fit.For five-doorPart number 5C6 071 303 126.00Part number 5C6 071 360 68.00For automatic and dual clutch gearbox (DSG)Part number 1K2 064 205 177.00Look after your car. Autoglym LifeShine p37.9 8 The tyre sizes recommended within this brochure conform to the standards required as set out in the TV report. A|| wbee| rices ore er wbee|, exc|uding tyre ond btting. AlloysHit the ground spinning.Alloys are the biggest single style statement you can make to enhance the appearance of your Jetta, and our range is designed to complement your Jetta perfectly. Whether you opt for stylish Silex wheels or sporty Onyx ones, theyre sure to make an impact. Speak to a member of staff about our choice of wheels today.AlloysVolkswagen Genuine Goal alloy wheelWheel size: 7.5J x 17"Tyre size: 205/50 R1717" Colour: matt anthracite (pictured)Part number 1T4 071 487 SS8 125.0017" Colour: matt blackPart number 1T4 071 497 Z98 145.0017" Colour: sterling silver Part number 5C5 071 497 88Z 160.00Volkswagen Genuine Silex alloy wheelWheel size: 7J x 17"Tyre size: 225/45 R17Volkswagen Genuine Onyx alloy wheelWheel size: 7J x 17"Tyre size: 225/45 R1717" Colour: brilliant silverPart number 5K0 071 497 8Z8 265.00 11 10AlloysVolkswagen Genuine Vision alloy wheelWheel size: 7J x 17"Tyre size: 225/45 R1717" Colour: black glossPart number 1K5 071 497 041 230.0017" Colour: sterling silverPart number 1K5 071 497 1ZL 217.5017" Colour: black glossPart number 5K0 071 497 AX1 265.00Volkswagen Genuine Onyx alloy wheelWheel size: 7J x 17"Tyre size: 225/45 R17Volkswagen Genuine KarthoumWheel size: 7J x 17"Tyre size: 225/45 R17Wheel size: 8J x 18"Tyre size: 225/40 R1817" Colour: titaniumPart number 1K9 071 497 V7U 150.0018" Colour: sterling silver (pictured)Part number 1K0 071 498 1ZL 219.00Volkswagen Genuine MotorsportWheel size: 7.5J x 18"Tyre size: 225/40 R1818" Colour: anthracitePart number 5K0 071 498 A16 Z 265.0018" Colour: black (pictured)Part number 5K0 071 498 AAX 1 250.0018" Colour: anthracite Part number 1K0 071 498 AG1 6Z 345.00Volkswagen Genuine CharlestonWheel size: 7.5J x 18"Tyre size: 225/40 R18Volkswagen Approved Wheel bolt locking setThis wheel bolt locking set ensures your alloy wheels have maximum protection against theft.Part number ZGB 1J0 071 591 A 25.0013 12AlloysUnlock your sense of adventure. Touring accessories p18.Volkswagen Genuine Alloy wheel bag setThe four tyre bags are made of high quality polyester in order to protect your wheels and maintain theirvalue. Suitable for tyres and complete wheels up to 18 sized wheels.Part number 000 073 900 25.00Part number 000 091 387 AB 135.00Volkswagen Genuine Snox snow chainsThe Snox system automatically controls the snow chain tension and adapts to the vehicles current speed, guaranteeing smooth running. A carry bag is included. Tyre sizes: 195/65 R15, 195/70 R15, 195/60 R16, 205/55 R16, 205/60 R16, 205/50 R17.15 14TechnologyStay connected.Technology is ever changing. And our range of the latest additions includes navigation systems to get you from A to B quickly and easily, iPod adapters so you can listen to your favourite music, and more. Ask a member of staff about the right product for you and your Jetta.TechnologyPrices ore Iu||y btted.(Wbere btting o|ies, un|ess otherwise stated.)Volkswagen Genuine Radio navigation system RNS 510An easy to operate navigation system brimming with features, including a 6.5" touch-screen, high-resolution display, integrated DVD drive and a 30GB hard drive and SD card reader.Part number 1T0 057 680 D 2,053.00Navigation DVD - Western EuropePart number 1T0 051 859 T 165.00Part number ZGB 000 051 100 68.00Volkswagen Commercial Nokia HF 310Connect this speakerphone wirelessly with Bluetooth to your phone and enjoy managing calls from the comfort of your driving seat. Talk for longer with up to 30 hrs of talk time with superior audio and digital signal processing (DSP). Rechargeable via the 12V socket cable.Designed for customer fitting.Part number 000 051 473 A 245.00Volkswagen Genuine Bluetooth touch phone kitA user-friendly hands-free device with 2.8" colourdisplay and touch-screen, voice command function and text to speech* gives you the very latest in technology.* Functionality is dependent on phone capability. Price shown includes additional cable required for fitment based on the most popular radio fitted. Price will vary dependent on cables required.17 16Volkswagen Genuine Radio navigation system RNS 315A 5" touch-screen with accurate navigation and brilliant screen quality. It features an easily understandable 2.5D (birds-eye view) map display, radio with CD drive, SD card reader and AUX-in socket that enables you to connect a range of audio sources such as MP3 players and iPods.Price shown excludes additional cables/adapters. Price will vary dependent on cables/adapters required.Part number 3C0 057 279 1,208.00SD card - Western EuropePart number 3AA 051 866 C 150.00TechnologyVolkswagen Approved Kenwood DNX520VBTA clear, precise and easy to use system which incorporates navigation system, integrated CD/DVD drive, SD card map updates, iPhone/iPod compatibility*, USB connectivity and fully integrated Bluetooth to allow connection of mobile phones for hands-free calling, including display of contacts and more. A 7" touch-screen high-resolution colour display allows information to be easily read, while the fully integrated system also works in conjunction with a multifunction steering wheel.* Additional cable required.Note, the DVD playback will not function whilst the navigation system is in use, or the vehicle is in motion.Part number ZGB 000 035 520 999.003.5mm jack plug adapterPart number 000 051 446 D 36.00iPod adapterPart number 000 051 446 C 21.00USB adapterPart number 000 051 446 B 37.00Mini USB adapterPart number 000 051 446 A 37.00Volkswagen Approved Nextbase DVD player7" screens with Click & Go technology, allowing you to remove the units easily. European crash test safetystandards compliant. Price includes: two screens, two sets of ear phones, remote control, 12V socket adapter, mains adapter, carrying bag and