Jesus Says Don't Give Up Plus Famous Motivational Quotes

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  1. 1. Jesus Says Don't Give Up Plus Famous Motivational Quotes Many Have Given Up to Suicide Wikipedia has a complete section devoted to famous actors who committed suicide. The numbers are amazing and very sad. Learn from their failures, stay in the light, ask for God's love. Jesus says seek and ye shall find, send a pray to him today for help. Category: Actors Who Committed Suicide Reach Out to Those Who Are Hurting - Every Day in Every Way I moved to Wisconsin two years ago. Strangely the world is different here. My world in Chicago was denoted by always locking my doors. Always looking behind me for the sake of safety IF someone was following me. Here in Wisconsin, life is much different. I first found this out when the Post Office handed me their phone number! Just little me, a common citizen - the care and attention was remarkable. I am still talking about it - 24 months later. Yesterday, I had a very unusual circumstance. I was pulling into a parking lot and a large SUV nearly hit me! I quickly honked and the collesion was averted. But to my amazement the lady got out of the car! At first I was taken aback. If I was in Chicago, I would have been scared. I was absolutely confused - why was she walking up to my car? I didn't understand. She kindly came up and apologized! She lovingly placed her hand on my shoulder (I am still in the car!) and gently and very sincerely asked for forgiveness! Wow! And I thought the Post Office experience was remarkable. Kindness and reaching out is what God wants from his children. God wants us to be together. God wants to be with us. Where two or more are gathered....I shall be with you. Isn't that beautiful. Put away the pride. Reach out to others today. We are all God's children. God loves each and every
  2. 2. one of us very much. Don't give up - and don't give up on others. Reach out.