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<ul><li> 1. Jannah ( Paradise) </li></ul> <p> 2. A Journey from this world to the Hereafter Our perception in this world is that we belong here and this is our residence We do not want to know that we are on a train and its going through its stations to the final destination This world is one of the stations we dont belong here We have a ticket with three slips 3. Continued First slip of the ticket is torn out when we come out of the mothers womb Second slip is torn out when we live in this world and die Third and final strip is torn out when we either will be in heaven or hellfire, the final destination Prophet Muhammad said, Be in this world that you are a traveler 4. Continued Prophet Muhammad also said, This world is like someone traveling through a desert and saw a tree and took some rest and continued with his journey that is this world Time is eroding our existence We do not belong here and we need to prepare for the hereafter 5. Continued Prophet Muhammads wife, Ayesha Narrated his saying If first verse revealed that do not drink alcohol people would have said we are never going to stop drinking and if the first verses revealed do not commit adultery and fornication they would have said we would never stop committing adultery and fornication. 6. Continued Laws of Islam were not given or revealed in the period of Mecca It was preparation to receive the laws and to fill the faith by mentioning hell, heaven hereafter, and unseen until heart is attached to Allah Then the orders of Dos and Don'ts (lawful and unlawful) Revealed 7. Continued Why do Muslims commit sins? Because of insufficient faith; their hearts are not attached to Allah Ex. Us congress passed law to ban the consumption of Alcohol Millions of dollars spent to enforce the law Thousands of people got killed Consumption of alcohol did not cease 8. Continued 4 years later they lifted the band on the consumption of alcohol 1400 years ago when verses revealed in Quran to prohibit consumption of alcohol immediately laws were followed without killing, and spending money to enforce the law It worked 1400 years ago because they were prepared to receive the law because of their strong faith in Allah and his prophet 9. Meaning of Paradise 1. Garden 2. Something unseen 3. Jannah 4. Heaven * We will use Jannah and Paradise 10. Continued Ex. of unseen- Baby in Mothers womb called jeneen * Jinn Unseen Allah prepared himself Jannah for us 11. How we get to Jannah They key is in your Hand Allah gives us a lot of ways, opportunities to enter Jannah This life is an opportunity to given to us to work for Jannah Prophet said , I have prepared for my slaves whose eyes has never seen, ears never heard , and no human heart can imagine. 12. Continued Jannah is beyond your hearing, you can not describe or think what is Jannah 13. Gate of Paradise First person to enter: Prophet Muhammad PBUH Largest follower of Prophet Muhammad will enter to paradise 124,000 Prophet will enter to Jannah after Prophet Muhammad PBUH 8 Gates of paradise Size of gate is 1,000 miles or 40 years in walking distance Martyrs and children who died before puberty will be in paradise before day of judgment Martyrs are not considered dead but alive their soul reside in green bird hanging as a chandelier under the thrown of God 14. Tour of Paradise Imagine yourself that you are going through paradise The more your attached to paradise you will be away from Hellfire Allah says in Quran they pray to Him out of fear and love they fear the punishment of Allah and expect the reward from Allah Should not be pure expectations or pure fear There should be a balance of both 15. Continued Expect the reward and fear the punishment of God. Too Much expectations of reward will slow you down in worshipping thinking that Allah is forgiving Too much fear that you will be failed and that Allah will punish you and you will give up 16. Bridge Leads to Jannah Person will go to bridge leads to Jannah will be stopped by following people Person you owe money Person you spoke ill about them Person you hurt Some of your good deeds maybe given to these people to purify you before you enter into Jannah 17. Continue When you enter into Jannah you exactly know where your house is Before Enter into paradise you spend a lot of time at the day of Judgment Will be very hungry and thirsty Will be treated with first appetizer Will be treated with first meal Will the most tastiest food you ever tasted in your life 18. Continued Appetizer will be fish liver Main course meal will be steak of ox living in paradise slaughtered by angels Drink from fountain name Sal Sabeel Heading straight to your real estate you will see a beautiful palace Jannah has different levels just as different levels given In the world to people 19. Continued Their level depends on their righteous deeds In Quran, Allah says The width of paradise like heaven (sky) and earth are together The distance between lower heaven to next heaven is like a ring in the desert This earth is located in the lower heaven all the stars moons and suns are located in the lower heaven 20. Continued 4 and a half light years for star to travel its lights to earth Lowest level of Jannah is equivalent to ten times of the earth and everything it contains on top of this whatever you ask Allah will give it to you The population of the lower level is the highest and it decreases in ascending order 21. Continued Top of The paradise is residence of prophet Muhammad 22. Entrance to the Palace 4 doors You enter from the first door From the second door 70,000 servants will help you From the third door every Friday an angel will visit you with a small card in his hand written on that card I miss you come and visit me the message from Allah Fourth door you go out you visit Allah in front of Allahs throne you chair with your name will be assigned and you will be offered a different meal and drink and then Allah will show his face 23. Continued Before you enter into Jannah there will be two springs of water you will drink water from one spring it will remove hate, envy, transgression Second spring water you will drink from it will make your face beautiful and bright In Jannah river flowing under them there will be water, wine and milk The quality is different in this world than in Jannah Tents or pavilions will be made of hollow pearls 30 mile in height and rooms in Jannah you can see from outside and inside but can not be seen by other people 24. Continued Palaces will be made of silver and gold bricks When you enter in the palace you will see your wife or someone assigned to you as a wife She will be so beautiful that you will be unable to describe her beauty Companion will be in equal age and she is created with a special creation from Allah Made them pure virgin 25. Continued Allah says in Quran: She will be beautiful it means she will be beautiful Example: If the woman of Jannah appears in this world the distance between heaven and earth will be filled with her light and her scent will cover the whole distance and her scarf on her head is better than this world and everything in it Man will be a different creation in paradise The height of man will be 90 Yd like Prophet Adam They will be beautiful and handsome like prophet Joseph and age will be 33 like Prophet Jesus 26. Continued Your estate at lowest level in Jannah will be more than 10 times of this earth You will be served by beautiful youths with colorful uniforms they will look like scattered pearl and never grow in age You will be offered drink and meal and you will be guided by one of your servants to tour your property The soil of your property will smell like musk and it will be pure white musk 27. Continued Underneath your castle a river will be flowing this river belongs to you and you can drink from it Drinking is not for nourishment its just for enjoyment to taste the flavor You travel to another river with milk this milk have different taste than world The third river is honey river Fourth river is a wine river you will drink from it this wine doesnt contain any intoxicant and does not cause hangover Then you go the River called Al-Kawthr when you drink from it you will never feel thirsty 28. Continued Paradise will have no moon, sun, day, night, or seasons You receive you clothing from trees when you wish to have a dress you point toward a fruit of a tree and the fruit will open and you will have you dress 29. Conclusion When you go by the graveyard and you see tombstones the number of these tombstones are increasing Death will come anytime Ask a question to yourself what is the meaning of life and how many years will you live and what did you offer to Allah who gave you everything and how much can enjoy in this life? We have to go back to Allah and need to think life is short I need to fulfill my duties whatever you have done in the past repent and ask for forgiveness and start a new life Allah will forgive you when you go back to Allah he will forgive you and welcome you. </p>