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  • 1. Janet Update RSC Eastern Technical Forum Paul Wakefield, 5th February 2014
  • 2. Agenda Introductions Eastern Procurement project BIS funded upgrade/additional connection programme General Janet developments Questions/discussion
  • 3. Eastern Procurement
  • 4. Eastern Procurement Timescales Operational Requirement available 28th February 2014 Final date for clarifications 4th April 2014 Closing date for tenders 11th April 2014 Selection of preferred supplier 16th May 2014 Contract in place by 27th June 2014 Delivery of new network 30th June 2014 to 31st January 2015 Migration of services from EastERN to new network (3 months) 1st February 2015 to 30th April 2015 Migration contingency (1 month) 1st May 2015 to 30th May 2015 Current EastERN contract end 31st May 2015 What are we looking to achieve? What you tell us As much as we can within budget!
  • 5. Consultation to date Currently speaking to all HEIs in the region Survey submitted to tertiary sector Consultation today Preliminary results: Additional capacity Resilience (increased student numbers, BYOD, uptake of cloud services)
  • 6. Proposed Infrastructure
  • 7. BIS Project Funding
  • 8. Second Network Connection Offer Funding from BIS Not applicable to VIth Form or Specialist Colleges (funded by DfE), just GFE Covers: installation (circuit & equipment) first years annual rental Organisation liable for future annual charges All College Principals have received a letter from Martyn Harrow in January. Register your interest by emailing Neil Shewry (neil.shewry@ja.net)
  • 9. General Janet Developments
  • 10. Janet6 92 fibre routes 6,000km 80 PoPs 35 new 45 existing 146 racks Ciena 6500 platform 91 chassis 5,000+ individual parts 382 power feeds 27km of construction
  • 11. Introduction: External BBC Peers VM Google Akamai Microsoft Limelight Init7 London 1 BTnet aql Janet 3G Bogons InTechnology RM Education Getronics Logicalis UK Pipex INUK VT Group Virgin Radio LINX multicast Capacity: 709Gbit/s 100Gbit/s 10Gbit/s 1Gbit/s IXManchester Edge-IX MCIX Gamma Google Akamai NetrinoUK London 2 NHS Gamma Amazon BBC Getronics Limelight TMnet Pathe News Redstone Datahop Mancr Akamai NHS Exa Net Synetrix Google InTechnology
  • 12. Janet Services Connecting Advice Security Communicating Infrastructure Research Training Framework Agreements Cloud Services
  • 13. Business and Community Engagement Sta t eA id JANET Acceptable Use Policy Eligibility Policy
  • 14. Communicating: SMS - Janet txt A service which facilitates the sending and receiving of SMS text messages to and from relevant groups and individuals at a competitive price Pay per text only service for any Janet community organisations. Web based service No annual licence fee
  • 15. Frameworks: Telephony Purchasing Service What are we delivering? One stop shop telephony purchasing framework Customers can purchase anything telephony related On site telephony equipment Hosted Services SIP Trunks and ISDN Mobiles etc etc.. The more services purchased the greater the savings up to 50% or 75-100k per year Reduce procurement time by up to 2 months as Janet stepped through OJEU processes mini competition All suppliers will have to meet various financial and technical requirements
  • 16. Janet Services Connecting Advice Security Communicating Infrastructure Research Training Framework Agreements Cloud Services Help research and education institutions move to cloud and data centre services through guidance, collaborative purchasing power, and due diligence Cloud and Data Centre Framework Cloud Services for Education Agreements
  • 17. Subscription content Agreement for Microsoft Office 365 (available) and Google Apps (coming soon) Due diligence on the contractual documents to save time and money (10-20k on Office 365 according to one institution) url: https://www.ja.net/productsservices/janet-cloudservices/cloud-serviceseducation-agreements
  • 18. AWS Why? Researchers already using it Access via credit card uncontrolled and risky No opportunity for volume discounts What? Access portal from Arcus Global for provisioning giving: Monthly itemised billing or $ Aggregated usage reports to trigger discounts Better Ts and Cs and (we hope) prices Where? Pilot starts with Cambridge and Newcastle end Jan 2014
  • 19. Arkivum Why? RDM and archive is a critical requirement HEFCE keen to see a solution What? Data Archive to Tape as a service. Arkivum service is a spin off from Southampton Long term data storage Guaranteeing 100% integrity Where? Framework in place so available for sale now
  • 20. Sync and Share Why? Folk already using Dropbox which isnt suitable Dropbox not responding to overtures re national agreement Others e.g. Box already have agreements with Surf et al What? DPS in preparation with four lots: Basic sync and share EEA data protection compliance Encryption with user controlled keys Access management integration via Shibboleth Where? DPS with Procurement for final review and release Box and other suppliers ready to bid
  • 21. Public Access Solution Design
  • 22. Questions? Janet, Lumen House Library Avenue, Harwell Oxford Didcot, Oxfordshire t: +44 (0) 1235 822200 f: +44 (0) 1235 822399 e: Service@ja.net