iPhone App Design: A user-centered approach

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User-centered iPhone app design talk given to the launch event for Girls in Tech Silicon Valley on September 10, 2009


  • 1. User-centered iPhone app designSuzanne Ginsburg Principal, Ginsburg Design September 10, 2009

2. People are doing cool things with their iPhonesThree stories. 3. The gallery salesperson 4. The student 5. The floral designer 6. People their iPhones but some things could be better 7. Setup is too complicated (& unfriendly) App: Accuweather 8. Tasks require too many stepsApp: To Dos 9. Inconsistent and/or Unable to Synch with Desktop or Web version Built-in calendarEpicurious doesnt synch Cant edit LinkedIn doesnt synch to do list with online recipe box profile via app 10. Other common themesTasks require too much typing App doesnt remember where user left off No content for given location 11. What can you do? 12. #1: Conduct upfront user research Upfront user research will help you better understand your users needs.Research will help you make informed design decisions; you may also uncover fascinating app opportunities.Methods to consider: Shadowing, Field Interviews, Diary Studies 13. #2: Brainstorm & sketch like mad Explore a wide variety of design directions early on.Read Apples Human Interface Guidelines for the iPhone, but try to see beyond the basic frameworks.Learn whats possible with the iPhone technology and consider ways it can benefit the user experience. 14. #3: Refine & Test Promising Directions Usability testing your concepts will help uncover issues related to setup, flows, terminology & more.Alternative approaches: - Paper prototypes - Screenshot based prototype on the iPhone - Interactive prototype on the iPhone 15. Thank you & good luck!Suzanne Ginsburg @suzanneginsburg Also thanks to Michelle Reamy for her user research work in NY: michelle@michellereamy.com


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